Bushido Blade

        Today I’ll be looking at a somewhat obscure Playstation game called Bushido Blade. While I haven’t played it much, it has already proven to be a very unique experience, and certainly to be a very good fighting game. What exactly makes it unique is that it abandons many of the usual fighting game conventions in favor of more realistic gameplay. Continue reading

Day In The Limelight 2

         Today I’ll be talking about a Mega Man fangame called Day In The Limelight 2. Well, I’ll talk about the first one two, but mostly the second. The premise is that rather than playing as Mega Man himself, you’re instead playing as the bosses of the previous game- for instance, the first Day In The Limelight had you facing off with the Mega Man 2 bosses as the ones from the first game. Continue reading


        Today I’ll be looking at the horror game Ib. This is a little out of my usual genre, but then it is a bit of an unusual horror game, with a heavier focus on its sparse characters and puzzle solving. To me, while it did have some scares, it ultimately inspired more so concern and attachment for the characters and fascination. Continue reading

Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge

        As several of my previous articles show, I have a lot of love for the Mega Man Battle Network series, particularly its very unique style of combat. Today I’ll be talking about a spin-off game of sorts called Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge. Unlike the main games, you are not limited to just Megaman.EXE, and can play as several other characters- and more are unlocked in a fashion as you go on, something I always love to see. Continue reading

Yume Nikki

        A new year begins today, and with it countless possibilities. There’s no way of knowing how the year turns out, but with any luck it will be a good one. And to celebrate a year of future possibilities, I’m going to talk about a game that is filled with speculation and wonder. Today I will be talking about Yume Nikki. Continue reading

Bowser’s Inside Story

        Today I’ll be looking at Bowser’s Inside Story, but unlike the usual routine, I won’t be looking so much at a boss as our playable characters. The game is the third in the Mario and Luigi series, of which the previously talked of Superstar Saga is the first. While half the game works similarly to Superstar Saga with you playing as Mario and Luigi, you actually spend half of it playing as Bowser, which is a very different and interesting experience. Continue reading

Grief Syndrome

        Today I’ll be talking about an interesting fan game I found recently called Grief Syndrome. I decided to take a look because it was made by Twilight Frontier, the same people who helped create the Touhou Project fighting games like Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, as well as many Touhou fangames that were absolutely stellar, so I thought that if they made it, it has to be good. And as expected, they did not disappoint. Continue reading

Tenkaichi series

        The Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi series, contrary to the name, does not actually follow in the footsteps of the Budokai series, but instead simply keeps Budokai in the name so western gamers will be more likely to pick it up. In Japan it was referred to as ‘Dragon Ball Z: Sparking!’ instead. However, despite this small lie to bring players in, the series itself should not be ignored. Continue reading