Today I’ll be looking at one of my favorite games, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, specifically its first boss. Unlike the other Final Fantasy games, this one works differently in that you can have as many as eight party members in battle, and battles take place in a large map where you have to move about to attack your enemies. This adds quite a different dynamic to battles, certainly, as well as the fact that your characters can all have whatever moveset you like thanks to the various jobs in the game that they can switch between. No two playthroughs of the game will be quite the same, and your characters can end up very different. All of this makes for very interesting strategies to be used. Continue reading



        Today, I’ll be looking at the game Starcraft, or, more accurately, one of its three factions. Me and Wynn have been playing it quite a lot recently, and finally beat the Terran campaign mode. So, now that we’ve played enough to get a good grasp of their capabilities, why not talk a bit about what their side has to offer? Continue reading


        Today I’m looking at a mod for the game Don’t Starve Together, an adventure/survival game where your character and your friends gather resources, fight monsters, and try to stay alive. Me and some friends recently got into it, and it has simply been amazing. While I haven’t played the game much, my friend Brandon has, and his mods, including the one I’ll be talking about today, have made it even more fun. Continue reading


Continuing my playthrough of Undertale, I came to the Waterfall area. I’m skipping Snowdin because, while Papyrus is hilarious in his own way, not much was different there than my first playthrough, and nothing out of the ordinary occurred, except… Well, I pet everything that could be pet. The dog enemies are just so cute! Continue reading