General Grevious

        It always surprises me when I find a subject I haven’t written on- in this case, Star Wars. Specifically, a video game based on the third movie, and named the same- Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. The game is primarily a beat-em-up sort of game where you slice through waves of enemies, but it also has a deep versus mode.
        In said versus mode, you can play as Obi-wan and Anakin, the two main characters you use in the story mode, but also all of the bosses they face. This includes several other JedI, essentially the ’good guys’ with the power to stun enemies with a mind trick, and Sith, the ‘bad guys’ with the power to damage enemies with continuous lightning. These characters all with their own unique moves, combos, and so on.
        In particular, they all use the Force to move objects and power up themselves in various ways, such as speeding themselves up, increasing the power of a combo attack, healing themselves, lifting and tossing the foe telekinetically, or knocking them back with a Force Push. All of these powers are very helpful both in both modes- tossing objects or other enemies at your foes, sending everything attacking at you flying back, healing when you find the chance to do so, and so forth.
        Most of the offensive tactics can be avoided by blocking, and if you are lifted into the air, you can struggle to break free, though you’d best be very quick about it. There is no breaking out of the mind trick or lightning, however. Instead, it has a constant drain on the user’s energy, so they can only keep it up so long. The two fighters can also clash when their lightsabers connect, resulting in you needed to press buttons to overpower the enemy and get the upper hand.
        All in all, a surprisingly fun and interesting combat system for a game that’s 70% hacking through minor foes. However, what is especially interesting is one particular character, which is what I’ll be focusing on today- General Grievous. He is a boss Obi-wan faces roughly halfway through the story mode, and unlike all of the other playable characters, cannot use the Force at all, yet he still fights those who can, doing so competently enough that he has slain many Jedi and uses their lightsabers in battle.
        As a boss, he shows exactly how this is. His cybernetics allow him to keep up to a degree, but when straight battle is ineffective, he will flee and try to get an advantage by changing the location, using whatever diversion he can, launching sneak attacks, and even splitting his two arms into four, letting him wield up to four lightsabers at once. In the fight with Obi-Wan he did all of this to no avail, which does make sense to a degree- he’s shown to be a gifted fighter, able to face all but the greatest of Jedi Masters- ‘all but’ being the operative term. When faced with a truly experienced Jedi he tends to fall short and must flee, which is exactly what Obi-wan is, and he was too persistent to escape from.
        However, that is not to say that he should be underestimated, and he makes a great character to use in versus mode, very different from the others. He entirely lacks the Force abilities of the others like lifting objects, healing, and so on, but makes up for it with his tactics and cybernetics. For instance, rather than being able to Force Push enemies, he has a blaster he can fire, using up some energy to fire off three quick shots.
        These can be deflected back at him, but if used properly it can be a very good distance attack. Unlike the regular enemies in the game, his blaster can also be charged for one big unblockable shot, allowing him to blast the enemy to the ground. In addition, his feet clamp to the ground, making it impossible to knock him back with a Push or lift him at all. While the Push will still hurt a little, attempting either is mostly a waste of energy.
        So he has a distance attack, while negating most of the other characters’ usual tricks to strike at a distance themselves- though he is still vulnerable to a mind trick or lightning. Up close, he is just as capable in combat, though he has less combos than most of the others. Further, since he cannot heal, the best strategy is likely to keep your opponent on the defensive at all times so they cannot heal or get enough space to toss something at him.
        He has a few other tricks as well- he can crouch down and charge up energy for a rushing attack. The longer you charge, the faster and harder he will strike, pulling off a powerful crushing combo if done well. And lastly, he can use what may be called his signature trick, unveiling his extra arms to fight with four lightsabers instead of his normal two. This does not actually change up his attacks, but instead causes every strike to hit twice, able to easily rack up damage and wipe out an enemy with one or two combos… at the cost of eating through his energy meter very quickly.
        And that sums up General Grievous in the game. He is decidedly an unorthodox fighter compared to the others, with failsafes to counter their abilities- foot clamps to keep himself from being thrown around, a change shot to pierce defenses- while having a few tricks of his own to make up for his inabilities, such as being unable to heal, via being able to double the damage he gives out and perform a special lunging move.
        All of this makes Grievous my favorite character to play in this game, and one of the reasons it is one of my favorite games to pick up and play. If you get the chance, I’d recommend you guys try it out. Thank you, dear readers, and I will see you next time.

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