Terra and Kefka

        Onwards to Final Fantasy VI, we have two new characters to look at, and one of my favorites in particular, the heroine Terra, and the villainous Kefka. In their original game, Terra had been forced to serve Kefka and the empire he worked for through the use of a mind control device, which she was eventually freed from, leading her to join forces with those against the empire, and eventually Kefka in particular.
        However, in Dissidia she runs into the same problems quite a bit. As I mentioned in Onion Knight’s storyline, she gets controlled by the Cloud of Darkness but later freed. Unfortunately, that wasn’t her only brush with mind control. In the sequel we see that in the past Kefka controlled her with some sort of spell, but she eventually started to rebel against it, aided by Vaan, who takes her away from Kefka’s clutches. Kekfa wasn’t concerned, saying that she will come “running straight back into my arms anyway”.
        Terra at first wants Vaan to kill her, so her powers would not destroy anything else, but Vaan says he doesn’t want to hurt her, and she could simply choose not to fight, disregarding the war. Later, seeing the hordes of manikins coming to attacks the warriors of Cosmos, and decides she must help them, in spite of the fear she had of her own destructive power. This exhausted her to the point of fainting and Cosmos, sensing that she did not wish for conflict, but peace then made her into one of her own warriors, which is how it is when the events of the first game come about.
        Skipping ahead to Terra’s own storyline, it picks up directly after Onion Knight’s. The two are traveling together, Onion Knight having sworn to protect her. Terra herself doesn’t remember her being controlled by Cloud of Darkness, and the knight isn’t especially eager to remind her. She herself knows there is something she isn’t remembering, but has no idea what it may be. She is sure she will remember, and that it may lead her to her to her crystal.
        Later they run into Kefka again, who attempts to remind her of her time under the Cloud of Darkness’ control, despite Onion Knight’s efforts to stop him. He attacks Kefka, leading to them both being teleported away, and Terra goes looking for Onion Knight. After destroying some manikins, she is troubled by Kefka’s words, saying that she enjoyed the pain she caused while controlled, that she is destruction incarnate.
        As she allows herself to brood on these thoughts, even if she rejects them it seems to have an adverse affect on her magic, causing it to start growing out of control. Cloud happened to be nearby, and she screamed for him to run before it’s too late. Instead, he draws his sword, and a fight ensues. Afterwards, her power is brought under control again, and he says that he didn’t run because he wanted to help her, but couldn’t think of another way to do so, which he does apologize for.
        He seems to be rather negative about the whole situation, as he was uncertain if he could actually save her, but Terra is naturally grateful that he did save her in the end. Cloud asks where Onion Knight is, and she explains the situation. He decides to tag along with her to help find Onion Knight as thanks to her for helping him realize that “even I can help someone”.
        As they go, they stop for a bit and Cloud asks her what’s wrong. She says she’s afraid of her powers, scared she would lose control again. Cloud says that everyone has doubts, and that very few people can pursue their goal without second guessing themselves. He talks about Firion’s dream of a world free of tyranny and filled with roses, how he is free of doubt.         This leads Terra to ask about Cloud’s dream, to which he says he ‘lost’ his, and as for herself, she isn’t sure. Whenever she thought about the future, it only ever frightened her. However, thinking of Firion’s dream, she thinks that it gives her something to hope for and work toward herself. She decides to take that dream as her own, and Cloud agrees to the idea. A hope for a peaceful future.
        Emboldened by this, she goes on to Kefka’s location, where he refuses to say where Onion Knight is, and asks if she’s ready to join him in destroying everything, saying that since she can’t control her powers, she may as well give in. She refuses to be swayed thanks to her newfound dream, so Kefka reveals that this was a trap, Cloud of Darkness being here to trap them both in. However, Onion Knight shows up to assist them, allowing Terra to battle Kefka while they take care of Cloud of Darkness.
        Seeing that he has no chance of swaying Terra anymore, Kefka finally decides he will simply destroy her, and so the battle begins, which, as to be expected, Terra wins. Kefka is wounded from the battle and retreats, as does Cloud of Darkness. Terra’s crystal appears, thanks to her facing Kefka and mastering control of her power.
        Moving on to how she battles, she is one of the most magic intensive fighters in the game, with only one melee attack, the Blizzard Combo, where she smashes the enemy with three ice balls. All of her other attacks are all long-range spells, but they also work very well when close by, making her pretty good at any range.
        On the ground she can shoot a direct Blizzara shot, send a Fire blast along the ground, make small meteors rain down, or create a ball of gravity to fall on and crush the enemy. In the air she can have lightning come in around the enemy, fire off Holy orbs that either lead to a chase attack or to her smashing them with Flare blasts, and still use Blizzara and the Blizzard combo.
        As for her HP moves, she can create three tornados around herself on the ground or air, which trap enemies in them when they hit, make water burst up from under the enemy with Flood when on the ground, or, in the air, charge up the powerful Meltdown spell. At the lowest setting it fires out quickly be doesn’t go far. Charged up more, it will follow the enemy and be much bigger, lasting longer. At the highest speed it will fly off very quickly and bounce off walls and the like, homing in on the enemy.
        She can also chain some of her brave moves into HP moves, like Onion Knight. In particularly, Holy chains into Flare, as I said, then can be further turned into Ultima, which covers the enemy in a ball of energy before smashing them to the ground. Fire, if it connects, can be chained into Firaga, a giant explosion at the enemy’s location to send them flying.
        Then there is her Ex Mode, where she transforms into an Esper from her original game, which she is one, partially. This comes with a massive enhancement to her magic, where all her spells fire out twice, dealing twice as much damage and striking twice as much. This even applies to HP attacks in that they do more Brave damage. In addition, Terra can now fly by holding X and just aiming her in a direction.
        Her Ex Burst is Riot Blade, where she charges up energy and fires it, via you rapidly pushing the Circle and left buttons. It actually does the most Brave damage out of any Ex Burst, interestingly enough, but that’s probably to be expected from someone with the power Kefka says she has.
        Speaking of him, he’s next. As is probably evident by now, he is a psychopath who wants only to destroy everything, because he feels nothing in the world has any meaning except that it can be destroyed, which is why he keeps trying to manipulate Terra so the world can be obliterated that much quicker.
        However, he is hardly stupid, just uncaring about what the other characters are doing unless it could help or interfere with him. In a way, he too was manipulated by the empire from the original game, as he was experimented on to try and create a powerful magical warrior, which was what happened… but it also drove him mad.
        Much like Terra, he is a mage with virtually no physical combat, but while her spells are straightforward and do what you would expect, his act erratically. For instance, he has two versions of Fire, one where he shoots out three small blasts that dart at the enemy from different directions, and another, bigger shot that occasionally pauses, swells and changes direction to continue chasing the enemy. His Scatter Spray Blizzaga is one of my favorites- he shoots out a giant chunk of ice, which pauses in midair before shattering into tiny pieces in the enemy’s direction.
        His HP attacks are more straightforward, but make up for that by being largely unique. Havoc Wing has him grow razor sharp wings from his back to stab the enemy, flipping over, Trine has three magical blasts close in on the enemy, appearing around them, Forsaken Null, another favorite of mine, allows Kefka to float freely and quickly while a sigil chases the enemy, dropping magical bombs on them. Hyperdrive has him charge up(by faking sleep) and then fire out a burst of energy that explodes on contact.
        His Ex Mode has him transform into his final form from the original game, where he had stolen the power of the gods to become the world’s single God of Magic. In this form his spells get even more erratic and powerful. For instance, that Blizzaga I mentioned will still shatter, but then the pieces will fly back at the enemy again as if to recombine. His HP attacks also are more persistent, such as Hyperdrive chasing the enemy longer and Forbidden Null firing upwards as well. He also gains the same flight as Terra.
        His Ex Burst has him charge up energy, like Terra, but instead of rapidly pushing two buttons, three circles appear, representing the gods he got his power from, which three commands appearing. Press them in order, and Kefka will call down his Light of Destruction to smite and obliterate the enemy.

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