Laguna, Squall, and Ultimecia

        Picking up Dissidia once more, today we’ll talk about the characters of Final Fantasy VIII, meaning Squall, Laguna, and Ultimecia. By now you may be noticing a sort of trend here- generally all the characters from the same game have something of a similar focus. For instance, Terra and Kefka used exclusively magical attacks, and the Final Fantasy VII characters were all close range physical fighters. For these three, they’re basically all mid to long range fighters. Continue reading



        Lately I’ve been playing an interesting addition to the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise- Sonic Battle. This game is from the fighting genre, though it’s a rather unique case. While you do knock the enemy’s health down as per normal, you have a large stage to run around in, and a big part of the battle is knocking your enemy into walls so you can follow up with a downward strike. Continue reading

Update Changes

Due to some recent issues, I’m going to be a bit busier with other projects, and won’t be able to write here as often as I have been. However, I can promise you all that I will still write at least once a week. See you then, everyone, and if it’s not too bold of me to ask, maybe leave some comments in the future?

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

        Today I’ll be talking about a game I beat recently, Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. It’s a collect-a-thon game, much like Banjo-Tooie or Super Mario 64, but unlike those, the collecting itself is much more story driven and sensible. For instance, in the previous two games you need to collect certain items to progress in the game, as you do here, but Jak and Daxter gives a specific reason that is the case, tying into the plot. Continue reading

Tenshi Hinanawi

        Today is known among Touhou Project fans as Tenshi Day, as the numbers 10/5 sound like ‘Tenshi’ in Japanese. So why not talk about her for a bit? Tenshi Hinanawi has appeared in a few games, but her first and more prominent appearance was in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, a fighting game spin off of the main Touhou series, where she was the final boss. Well, most of the time. Continue reading

Terra and Kefka

        Onwards to Final Fantasy VI, we have two new characters to look at, and one of my favorites in particular, the heroine Terra, and the villainous Kefka. In their original game, Terra had been forced to serve Kefka and the empire he worked for through the use of a mind control device, which she was eventually freed from, leading her to join forces with those against the empire, and eventually Kefka in particular. Continue reading