Bartz, Exdeath and Gilgamesh

        Getting back to Dissidia, we once again have three characters to look at. Bartz the hero, Exdeath the villain, and Gilgamesh as… well, basically he’s an extra, but we’ll get there. For now, let’s look at Bartz. Continue reading


Armored Core: Master of Arena

        Today Kuroshi’s taking over the article, because it’s about a game she played and loves, Armored Core: Master of Arena. All I really know myself is that it involves robot fighting, so I’ll let her take over from here. Enjoy, everyone. Continue reading

Kain, Cecil and Golbez

        Today we’ll be talking about Dissidia’s Final Fantasy IV characters, but unlike the last three groups we have not two characters, but three. Cecil and Golbez are the hero and villain pair, but the second game added a new character, Kain Highwind. Since he isn’t quite as connected as the first two, I suppose I’ll talk about him first. Continue reading

Godzilla: Domination

        Taking a break from the Final Fantasy characters, today I’ll be looking at a Godzilla game for the Game Boy Advance, Godzilla: Domination. Like Save The Earth it is a fighting game, though given the system it is for, it is considerably smaller in size and scale. However, simpler though it may be, it is certainly a fun little romp. Continue reading

Onion Knight and Cloud of Darkness

        Moving on to Final Fantasy III, we have another hero and villain to look at, though I personally find them both a little odd in different ways. Onion Knight, much like Warrior of Light, isn’t a defined character from the game, but he does at least represent a class, but there may be more to it than that. Cloud of Darkness, on the other hand, does not come off to me as very villainous and does not have her original appearance. Continue reading

Firion and Emperor

        Last time I talked about the characters from the original Final Fantasy in Dissidia, so it’s only natural I move on to the characters it takes from the second game. As before there are two, a hero and villain. Unlike with Warrior of Light, Firion is a definite character, and unlike Garland, the Emperor is a much more prominent enemy personality-wise, so both required a bit less adjustment to be added in. Oh, and before I continue, I should point out when speaking about gameplay, that I’m referring to the second Dissidia game. It has the same plot packed in with the new one, and all the same characters, so I don’t see much reason to go over the first one when the second is a clear improvement. Continue reading

Warrior of Light and Garland

        There is one game that I had been meaning to talk about for quite a while. Dissidia Final Fantasy is a fighting game for the Playstation Portable featuring heroes and villains from the many Final Fantasy games, generally one of each from each game. This adds up to roughly twenty playable characters from the first ten games, and that’s not counting some of the secret characters, and a hero/villain combination from each game. Continue reading

Summonable Heroes

        Going back to Hearthstone one more time, today will be a shorter article about a rather interesting concept- playing as different heroes. I don’t mean the various classes and cards you can pick, but rather the additional heroes that one can turn into through some means in the game, making them basically summonable. There’s only two, so as I said, this will be quick. Continue reading

One Night In Karazhan

        So, like I said earlier, having beat the latest adventure of Hearthstone, it’s about time I talked about it. One Night In Karazhan is very different from the others for several reasons, firstly being the prologue which I already discussed, and secondly being the setting. The last three adventures were exactly that, traveling into dangerous locations and facing deadly foes. The first two were assaults on evil strongholds, while the third was searching for a mystical artifact. However, this time your goal is very different. Continue reading