I’ve been playing a lot of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption lately, so today I’ll be talking about some of the enemies, and a bit about how the game presents itself. Specifically, I’ll be talking about the second planet you visit, Bryyo. Unlike Norion, which is a Federation owned planet you visit while it is under attack by Space Pirates, Bryyo doesn’t give the same sense of alarm- because the danger has already struck.
        Bryyo is the first of three planets you see in this game that have been struck by Leviathans, sentient creatures that are spat out of their home planets like meteors to impact on others, devastating the world and starting the spread of Phazon. Samus has arrived to destroy the Leviathan, but there are a few issues with that- Space Pirates have already set up shop and are protecting the Leviathan with a massive shield. In other to get rid of it, Samus must destroy the shield generators.
        Already this is considerably more objective-based than the previous two games, even though we now have free reign of where Samus goes like the player did there. While yes, there were always certain spots Samus was supposed to go to, now we have someone actually telling the player where to go. Aside from that though, there is nothing stopping the player from taking their time to investigate and poke around. It is still a Metroid game, after all.
        That aside, Bryyo reminds me quite a bit of Tallon IV from Metroid Prime. In particular, the first part of it Samus explores reminds me a lot of the Chozo Ruins. There is quite a lot of abandoned architecture, signs of a once thriving civilization, now infested with the local fauna. There are a few differences- namely, in a few of the rooms you see masses of ice, signs that your fellow hunter Rundas has come through the area and had to deal with the locals, just as you do.
        Speaking of said locals, at first you will only see Hoppers near their nests, the flying Gragnols that shoot at you, and so on, but Samus soon runs into more intelligent threats, the Reptilicus. These creatures are the dominant life form on Bryyo, and they are clearly more powerful than most of the regular wildlife.
        Firstly, they are more durable on the whole, and use weapons to strike at more of a distance- specifically a energy whip they lash out with twice before putting away, and a chakram they normally use as a collar, which they can throw and catch like a boomerang at longer distances. If you are too far away, they will leap at you to get in closer.
        They also come in two varieties- the normal Reptilicus are skinny, have spike-like growths on their backs, and have the power to teleport from place to place, which they generally do instead of leaping. Reptilicus Hunters, on the other hand, lack these growths, are more muscular, and rather than teleport, they can turn invisible. They are also shown to be able to crawl on walls, but they do not do this in battle. Plus, both the Reptilicus and several other enemies on Bryyo are not as effected by the Plasma Beam as other enemies, since they are used to extreme heat from the Fuel Gel that is found all over the planet.
        An observant player would see that the hunter Reptilicus also watch Samus at certain points before she runs into the enemies proper, and they did ambush her on a couple of occasions. Warp Hounds, another, much more durable foe that that spits Fuel Gel and warps around, are kept by the Reptilicus as pets to both protect them and hunt with them, all of which implies intelligence.
        And they are- or at least were. The Lore scattered around Bryyo is written by the last of their Lords of Science, explaining what happened to them. The Lore, incidentally, is presented as glowing wall pictures, much like the Chozo Lore from the first game. As the lore itself reveals, the two races knew each other, so one of them likely adapted the idea from the other. Anyway, as for what this lore says, the people of Bryyo were once quite prosperous, and their scientific innovations lead them to explore past their world and meet strange civilizations among the stars, spreading knowledge freely.
        However, the old traditions of Bryyo were being put the wayside in favor of this new knowledge, and not everyone as happy about this. These primal traditions, as they were called, seemed to entail magic of some sort, and the Lords of Science and Primals both saw their particular concept as better- the classic idea of magic versus technology. This eventually turned into all out war between the two when the Lords of Science outright stated they believe the old traditions to be inferior.
        Eventually, the Primals ‘won’ when the Lords of Science couldn’t continue to power their machines and were wiped out, save the one who left these messages. I used won in quotations because while they defeat their enemies, the Primals themselves degenerated into savage war bands that fought among each other, and lost the knowledge of their own magic.
        So when we look at the Reptilicus enemies, these are the Primals, whose bodies and minds have been further warped by the presence of Phazon, making them even more hostile than they were before. Their attacks clearly and ironically come from scavenged pieces of technology, while the invisibility and warping could be results of Phazon mutation. I do find it a little odd that the non-hunter Reptilicus would get the same power as their pets, but I’m certainly not going to question how Phazon works.
        This last Lords of Science kept to themselves after all this, knowing full well that if they attracted the Primals attention again they would be killed. Instead, noticed to how the war devastated their planet, and continued to do so, to the point that soon the planet would be entirely uninhabitable.
        They managed to stop the destruction to a degree with pollution absorbing satellites, sparing some of the land to be lived on, but a very large part of the planet is uninhabitable- either roasting under their sun or freezing in its absence. The launching of these satellites also attracted the Primals attention, and only one of these Lords of Science managed to escape at all.
        Aside from that, his only action was to create new war golems, powered by the Fuel Gel he discovered and created from both magic and technology, to protect him if it came to that. He also looked for a successor, someone to pass his knowledge onto so it would not be lost forever. He found this is a young Primal prophetess, who foresaw a great threat heading towards Bryyo, and had been searching for him to tell him as much.
        He got to work immediately, planning to improve the existing satellites to help fend off this threat. However, it was not to be. They had an accident, causing a Fuel Gel explosion, attracting the attention of the war bands. He stayed behind so they would not keep looking for more enemies, while the prophetess fled to spread the Lore you find in the game, to leave a final plea to save their world.
        Of course, that is exactly what Samus intends to do, which makes it a bit sad she has to kill some of the Primals to do so, since they insist on trying to kill her. And then, of course, there are the Space Pirates to deal with. While they won’t appear in Bryyo Cliffside, which is entirely inhabited by Reptilicus and native wildlife, they have firmly entrenched themselves in the Thorn Jungle, and have started building fortifications in Bryyo Fire as well.
        You can access these latter two areas after Samus finds an abandoned Federation ship in the Cliffside area, which gives her a map that tells her of the other areas, and where the shield generators are. However, she won’t get far in the jungle- the Pirates have set up a massive gate that cannot be passed, forcing her to go to Bryyo Fire instead. This area, in turn, has zero Pirate presence but a lot more natural hazards, especially Fuel Gel. This spot also has Rundus’s ship parked near where Samus herself lands.
        However, once she reaches the Temple of Bryyo, the Pirates attack, but after a short bout a cutscene occurs, wherein Rundas appears and aids Samus by slaying all the nearby Pirates- to then attack her himself. I’ll be talking about him in another article soon, so I’ll leave it at that. Moving on from that, Samus heads down an elevator leaving to small room with a terminal connecting to the massive generator that can be seen through a window. However, Samus lacks anything that can actually destroy it, so she has to leave and return to the Cliffside, which she can progress further into thanks to her new Ice Missiles.
        Personally, I found this bit of backtracking a little annoying, but I can’t really think of a way they could have gotten rid of it either while keeping the same structure, so I suppose it’s needed. Anyway, this leads her to a spot where her ship can be upgraded to fire out missiles at Samus’s command, allowing her to proceed back to the jungle area and destroy that gate(along with any enemies in the area), as well as the generators. However, the jungle generator is protected by two giant turrets set up by the pirates- they were going to set up a similar one in the temple, but Samus’s arrival put a stop to it. In any case, she has to go and destroy those on hero can before the ship can be used.
        Once those generators are finally destroyed, Samus can finally proceed into the Leviathan itself and destroy it. But not without a boss battle with its guardian, of course. Said guardian is Mogenar, one of the last Lord of Science’s enhanced magic golems that has been drawn into the Leviathan and powered up with Phazon.
        The golem is huge, but luckily has fairly clear weak points- namely than four orbs that power it. The problem is, of course, actually hitting them. Two are on its shoulders, another on its belly, but the fourth is on its back, making it the hardest to destroy. It also can switch the positions of the three frontal orbs to throw you off, and closes them off whenever it jumps or attacks.
        As for its attacks, it can jump to produce shockwaves, fire out a magical hand to grab you, and fire out a sweeping Phazon laser from its mouth. You can shoot it with an Ice Missile while it is firing the laser to freeze its mouth and expose his orbs. Damaging the orbs will cause the red color to slowly become more transparent until they are nothing but a shimmering white mass, and enough fire will make them explode, revealing the slot they were in as a glowing mass of Phazon.
        This part then has to be destroyed using Samus’s Hypermode, which sacrifices an energy tank to let her fire far more powerful Phazon blasts. You can exit Hypermode to conserve remaining health after firing a certain amount, but if you stay in the mode for too long the gauge will start to fill up on its own, both granting you more Phazon to use, and forcing you to use it, lest Samus be corrupted and end the game.
        Once she destroys the orb slot, it be completely useless to Megenar, and it won’t be able to add new orbs there or move the remaining ones there. As it loses health this way, it will start adding new attacks, like creating what I can only call Phazon ‘shoes’ to use to charge across the arena. This also prevents you from shooting him via a barrier, so you have to use Morph Ball Bombs to destroy the shoes.
        It will also try to restore any destroyed orbs, though not the slots, by drawing in two more with its magic hands. This forces you to destroy the orbs being dragged in before it can get them. It will stop doing this once you destroy two slots, and it basically forces you to focus on destroying one slot at a time. Once two slots are gone, the remaining orbs start to regenerate faster, forcing you to damage them more quickly.
        It gains a new attack at this point- smashing the ground to make rocks fall all over the arena, and it will start charging at you even without its shoes, which is good because this helps you shoot its back orb, since it normally faces you. It basically cycles through all of its attacks by the end of the fight, which I would say makes for a chaotic fight, but I can’t really given how it is generally very large and very slow. Instead, I can say that given how often it closes its orbs and how bad my aim can be sometimes, the fight is more annoying than anything by the end, though that’s not to say it is unchallenging. Don’t underestimate the Mogenar.
        Once the golem is destroyed, Samus is granted the Hyper Ball, a Hypermode powerup that lets her channel lightning from her Morph Ball at anything around her, but it runs through her Phazon very quickly. After that, all that is left is to destroy the Leviathan, which Samus does, and say goodbye to Bryyo.
        Or at least, you’d think so, but Samus does have to return here at least once more. While traversing through the next Leviathan impacted world, Samus runs into an obsticle she cannot get through, and must find one more powerup in Bryyo. She has to return to Bryyo Fire and go through some spots previously inaccessible due to being iced over, but she can now get through thanks to her Plasma Beam. She finds a portal, which takes her to Bryyo Ice, an odd area.
        Bryyo Ice is the smallest area in the entire Metroid Prime trilogy, and has absolutely no enemies thanks to the chilly environment. It is there that Samus finds two giant statues, showing one of Bryyo’s leaders about to shake hands with a Chozo, symbolizing the friendship and peace that the two peoples once shared, and the prosperity that once existed on this desolate, torn world. It’s… beautiful, but sad to see. But now that the Leviathan is gone, who knows? Perhaps the Reptilicus will eventually regain their lost intelligence and raise anew.

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