Angurius, Gigan, and Destoroyah

        Alright, time for the last three characters. I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed writing about Godzilla: Save The Earth, but everything has to end sooner or later, I suppose. So today we’ll be looking at Angurius, Gigan, and Destoroyah. Let’s start with Angurius.
        Stat-wise, Angurius has decent attack, slightly better speed, pitiful weapon, and the highest defense in the game. He resists sonic attacks and explosions, and he is weak to edged attacks. In battle this plays out as you’d expect; he’s a close-range fighter who can take just about any attack and keep coming. However, naturally, there is more to it than that.
        Like Baragon, he can stand on two legs or four, with the same bonuses on top of his already impressive defense. However, even more impressively, his blocks can actually damage the enemy, thanks to his spiked shell. While he can block normally, if you block and point in the enemies direction, Angurius will turn so the attack hits his shell, so the enemy will injure themselves instead of him. This stuns them momentarily, allowing him to get the advantage.
        While he isn’t quite as nimble as Baragon, he certainly isn’t weak at close range fighting, especially given his defenses. He also has his special move, a sonic roar. Like many other weapon attacks it has to be charged up, but unlike them it only really works at close range. At full power, however, he can stun enemies that are just out of range with it.
        So despite his lack of reach, Angurius can battle others very well, moving on four legs for better speed and defense, and stopping enemy attempts to attack outright with his shell, leaving them open to counterattacks. This makes him very difficult to deal with, as he can easily close the distance ranged characters require, and stop attacks up close outright, making exploiting his particular weakness to edged attacks very difficult.
        Compounding all this is his Rage Move, which lets him roll up into a ball and slam straight into enemies, bowling them over. Allegedly he can be thrown while doing this, but I’ve yet to pull it off, and blasting him won’t really slow him down. Your best bet is just to put some buildings between you and him and try to stay away. Keeping a distance from Angurius is vital, given how he operates.
        No such luck with Gigan, who we will be talking about next. His attack is very high, defense is average, his speed is incredible, and his weapon stat is below average. He can resist acid and alien energy, but is weak to lightning. Being a cyborg with blades for hands, this all makes sense.
        Accordingly, he only have two blunt attacks and the rest are edged. As for special abilities, he can fire a chargable eye laser to hit faraway foes, and can blast them back with a quick up close ‘Shotgun Burst’ from the eye. However, hacking enemies up close is clearly more his forte. I mean, just look at him! He has a saw in his chest, of course he’s better up close.
        And he is very, very good at closing the distance. Alien energy attacks do far less damage to him than most, but more importantly, he can outright teleport. By pushing R2 and L2, he will jump into the air, vanish, and reappear behind his opponent. Since he is still in the air, it’s a good time for a midair attack, and regardless it is perfect to deal with enemies about to blast you or throw something at you. Try as you might, there really is no getting away from an intelligent Gigan player. Thankfully the computer generally isn’t one.
        His Rage move has him spin like a top, slashing everything that gets too close. He can also move around, allowing him to follow and hit enemies. It’s sort of like Angurius’s move in that respect. In fact, the two have a lot in common. They’re both close range fighters, but Angurius is more defensive, while Gigan basically hunts down his adversary through speed and simply appearing behind them. They have similar Rage moves and basically similar combat; neither is great at a range, though Gigan is better. However, where they differ is in morals.
        Angurius is Godzilla’s friend, and a very persistent fighter who is willing to help him fight off evil monsters like Machagodzilla or King Ghidorah, even if he is completely outclassed. His small stature and lack of long-range attacks leaves him at a severe disadvantage to such foes, but he’s so persistent! This shows through in the game through his defenses and how fights with him can drag on for quite a while, even if he ultimately can do little to his foe.
        Gigan, on the other hand, is a killer who greatly enjoys slaying others, hence why he got scythes for arms and a laser eye in the first place. It’s never outright said, but he probably works as a mercenary of sorts. While he has worked with other monsters to fight Godzilla before, he tends to be rather cowardly, and flees when it’s clear the fight cannot be won. Accordingly, he is far less durable than Angurius, but is much better at actually hurting his enemies, because hurting people is what he is good at.
        So with those two out of the way, we come to Destoroyah. He’s often regarded as one of Godzilla’s worst foes, despite only appearing in one movie, and his stats back this up. His attack and defense are very high, though his speed is one of the poorest in the game. His weapon stat, on the other hand, is right up there with Mogera or Space Godzilla.
        He resists nuclear, ice, and sonic attacks, but is weak to edged attacks, explosions, and fire. Even with those, he is one of the harder ones to take down. Still, he is quite slow, and is too heavy in this game to actually fly, even with his giant wings, though he does use them in some attacks.
        Godzilla is one of these worse ones to use against him, as nuclear attacks actually do less to him than anything else. This is Destoroyah’s only special defense, but he doesn’t need much with his high defense. Instead, he focuses almost entirely on negating his low speed and pummeling his foe. When close to his enemy, he can sacrifice a little energy to produce a energy blade on his horn for an attack. He can use many different ones, from slashes to thrusts, but these are easily his best physical attacks.
        However, I prefer his actual weapon moves. First is the Oxygen Absorber Mines. He spits out a orb of energy which slowly homes in on his foes. They aren’t very fast, but they can easily catch you by surprise because not only do they absorb oxygen, they’re apparently strong enough to pull the other characters in too, allowing them to get hit even if they should be out of range.
        His Micro-Oxygen Spray works more like a laser, but it has the same properties as the mine. He charges up and fires, and enemies in his range are pulled closer as he shoots out energy to hurt them. His low speed matters little when he can force you into his attacks. In fact, once I knocked an enemy into a the arena edge, sending them flying back into the air. I fired another mine, pulling them in and knocking them into the edge… and this repeats until they’re dead or I’m out of energy. Either way, that one attack can easily decimate a foe.
        If he close by the enemy he also has the option to shoot out a chill breath to freeze them in place. Kind of useful, but given it takes half of Destoroyah’s energy I generally don’t bother with it. After all, you need that energy for blasting them and impaling them with your horn sword.
Finally there is his Rage attack. Destoroyah shoots a blast of energy into the sky, which soon falls and lands right on his enemy, doing massive damage. It can be dodged, but not easily, and given how quickly it’s fired, I don’t predict you could easily stop it.
        All in all, Destoroyah focuses on pulling the enemy closer, then battering them into submission. He isn’t fast at all, but his various moves specialize in bringing the enemy close in a painful manner, then punishing them for being anywhere close to the guy. He is fun to play… but I do not like doing so. Mostly because when he wins, he lets out a really creepy evil laugh.
        He is, hands down, the most despicable villain I’ve seen in a Godzilla movie, taking malicious glee in destroying not only destroying a good bit of Japan and ending human lives, but he also killed Godzilla’s son, and laughed. So in light of that memory, I just don’t like playing as him much, for personal reasons. Still, objectively he is a very good character, and I can certainly see why someone would use him.
        So, that’s the last three characters, and we’re juts about done with Save The Earth. I do have some closing remarks, though. Aside from the characters and fighting, there are also challenges, special minigames that you play every three matches in arcade mode. Godzilla in particular has two unique ones, and Mogera has one too.
        I find some of these to be very fun, others to be sort of meh, and one in particular that I absolutely loathe, where you have to throw three rampaging monsters into force fields to contain them. You have a time limit, sure, but the real time limit is that they break out after a minute, so hurry up! Most of the others are good though.
        My only real complaints about this game is that the start of arcade mode introduces us to the leader of the invading aliens, but she never shows up except in the game over and victory messages, and even then just as a still image and a voice. The monsters are also given little personality in the game, though admittedly it’s not like they can talk or anything, so what can you do?
        I suppose I just wish the story had more presence, and that the minigames were given a little more work. That, and that the menus gave you a little more time to think. If you wait so much as 20 seconds on the main menu, you’ll bump you into attract mode.
        But for these flaws, I still find it to be a wonderfully fun game, and one I feel many people should be able to enjoy. So I hope you have enjoyed hearing about it, my dear readers, as I enjoyed writing it.

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