Baragon and Megalon

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        I apologize for my delays lately, everyone, it’s been a bit rough lately. Last time I covered Godzilla: Save The Earth, I told you all about the flying characters, so today I’ll do the reverse. There are two characters that burrow underground, Megalon and Baragon, and it proves to be an interesting tactic indeed.
        I’ll start with Baragon. His attack is very high, defense only slightly worse, and his speed is just shy of Rodan. As you might expect, his Weapon is the weak link here, making him primarily a physical fighter. He resists fire and sonic attacks, but is weak to ice, sonic, and edged attacks. No, I did not misspeak.
        See, Baragon has the ability to change his stance. He can either stand on two legs or four. On two legs he has all of the weaknesses listed above. On all fours, however, he resists sonic attacks instead, and is immune to sweeping attacks or ones that hit higher than he is, for obvious reasons. He also moves more quickly. He cannot attack like this that I can see, since you need to hold L2 down for him to stay this way.
        Aside from staying low to the ground, he also is impressively nimble in the air; while most characters simply jump, Baragon can flip in midair and the like to attack while jumping, allowing him to dodge attacks and land fast blows. His head stomp move is especially annoying, since it knocks his enemy down. In addition, his throw has him pounce on the enemy, knocking them over.
        So, he can attack in midair and stay low to the ground for defense, but don’t think I forgot my premise- he can also burrow underground. Like flying, this uses up energy, but it renders Baragon completely immune to attacks, unlike flight, and allows him to move about freely. He can do a quick pop up move when near the enemy, or, if he is directly under them, the R1 button will have him pull them under too, where he’ll gore them a bit before flinging them out as he surfaces.
        Now we come to his weapon moves. He can breathe fire, which uses up two squares of energy and does generally light damage, unless they are weak to fire. However, he can also use it while moving, like Moguera, allowing him to damage foes with it at pretty much anytime. He also can, by pushing down and Square, do a flip and slam down on the ground, stunning nearby enemies for a moment.
        Finally we come to his Rage move, where he burrows underground, setting off a giant blast of lava and fire to scorch everything around. To sum Baragon up, we have a quick, strong character with minimal distance use, but with burrowing he can close it safely, and despite his small size he can easily beat the other monsters at close range, with help from his flame breath.
        Next we discuss Megalon, who is a giant insect. I prefer him to Baragon, perhaps because I also played as him in Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee, which made him familiar. Aside from being able to burrow, the two share almost nothing in common, however. His attack is a bit above average, defense is poor, speed is impressive, though less than Baragon, and his weapon stat is average. In other wards, he is more well-rounded. He resists lightning, fire, and explosions. In fact, much like with Rodan and fore, Megalon is healed by lightning. However, in contrast, he is weak to sonic attacks and especially blunt attacks.
        This means in many cases it may be better to stay away from enemies and fight at long range, since both of his weaknesses happen at close range. Still, he doesn’t have drills for hands for nothing, and he can fight up close when needed.
        This is aided by his napalm ability, where he shoots a fireball at the ground in front of him. If the enemy gets too close, or is standing where Megalon fires, their feet will be burnt and they will be held in place, hopping on one foot. This lets Megalon charge up his lightning laser, or move in for close range drill punches. He can also punch them with energy filling the drills, a three hit combo that ends with him firing energy from them for a short range cost free blast. He can also do this on its own, but I find it works better in the combo.
        Then there is the burrowing. It works identicly to Baragon, with the exception that he cannot leap out to attack. The only thing he can do to his enemy is come up as a grab, allowing him to throw them. So it’s more for movement than attack, but it is good for throws. In addition, he has sort of a flutter jump, aided by his insectile wings. Instead of jump jumping and landing, he can get more distance than most by hovering momentarily.
        Lastly there is his Rage attack, Magnetic Vortex, which does exactly that, drawing enemies in. Once they are close enough, he unleashes a burst of electricity to send them flying. What I especially like is that if they manage to escape the pull, he won’t use up all of his Rage meter, allowing you to do so again when they are closer.
        Out of these two I personally prefer Megalon, but given their abilities, I fear all else being equal, Baragon would probably win. Megalon is weak to blunt attacks, which Baragon can use especially well due to his superior speed and strength, to say nothing of his burrowing attacks and ability to attack in midair. Unless, of course, he gets caught in Megalon’s napalm or blasted away by his horn lightning. Baragon holds the advantage up close, but Megalon has long range capability. Of course, given they can burrow underground…
Regardless, that’s Baragon and Megalon. Next time I’ll be finishing up the game by detailing the last three monsters. I hope you enjoyed, dear readers.

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