Megaguirus, Rodan and Mothra

        Today I’d like to talk about the flying characters in Godzilla: Save The Earth. I did briefly mention that the Mechagodzillas could do it, as does King Ghidorah, but compared to these three they aren’t very good at it, basically just hovering slowly. I blame their bulk and maybe bad rocket placement.
        In contrast, these three are much better fliers, able to move freely through the air and get places much quicker than most other kaiju. In contract to the previously mentioned fliers however, they are far weaker in defense, which does make sense- they’re better built for quick flight, which means they have smaller, lighter bodies.
        To start with, I will talk about Megaguirus. She has high attack, average defense, and the highest speed possible, like Moguera. While she lacks the robot’s free movement, she is easily one of the quickest monsters you can face. However, in contract, her weapon stat is the lowest in the game, which means she has hardly any distance abilities whatsoever. She is resistant to acid and explosions, but is weak to nuclear attacks, making her one of the very few Godzilla has an instant advantage on.
        So she obviously is bad at long range, but she can close distance quickly and is excellent up close, especially since, as she’s flying, no low attacks can hit her at all, and she can quickly raise herself into the air. However, aside not having weapon attacks, she also starts with no energy at all, and hers does not restore over time. Luckily, unlike most other flying characters she does not use energy when she flies.
        However, every attack where she hit’s the enemy with her tail will steal a bar of energy from them. In addition, her grab is where she really shines. Depending on what button you press, she can steal the enemy’s health, energy, or copy their weapon. If she does the later, then once she has enough energy she can fire a copy of their weapon back at them.
        Despite my misgivings about the idea, it is surprisingly effective. The only two enemies it would not work on at all would be Metalon and Rodan, as they’re immune to their own element, but for everyone else it works fine, and actually does a lot more damage than I expected on average. The only drawback is, naturally, that it only works once before Megaguirus has to absorb the energy and weapon again.
        She also can fire out an energy orb of her own if she hasn’t taken a weapon, but it does very little damage and takes most of the energy bar to fire. It counts as alien energy by the game, though, so if your enemy is weak to that, it may be worth using.
        It may be all she has to work with in some cases, as she cannot steal attacks from all enemies. Specifically she cannot steal from Destoroyah, Moguera, Baragon, Anguirus, Jet Jaguar, and Mothra, in her larval state. This is because these characters do not have the same laser-like attacks as the others, which is what Megaguirus copies.
        She also has a special ability, referred to as Inertia-less Flight. This can be seen by energy floating around her head, and it allows her to move twice as fast and hit twice as hard, allowing her to quickly rush in and pummel enemies. Speaking of that, I would say her best moves are her tail attacks, mostly because these steal energy from the enemy as well as hit, and because tail attacks make up the bulk of her moves.
        Finally there is her Rage attack. Maganulon Swarm summons three of her young to charge at the enemy and sap their health and energy, before flying back to Megaguirus to give it too her, drastically weakening the energy while strengthening her. It’s an excellent move to use when she’s starting to lose, or is pinned at long range, as it stuns the enemy in much the same way as Mecha King Ghidorah’s tasers.
        Next on the list is Rodan, who, I must admit, is rather plain, but useful. He has low attack and even lower defense, making him even easier to hurt than Moguera. What saves him is, like with Megaguirus, his impressive speed. He is just as fast as the giant insect, at least in flight, and has superior weapon stats.
        He also resistant to fire and nuclear attacks. In fact, he is so resistant to fire that it outright heals him instead of harming him. However, he has a weakness for ice, generally not an issue, sonic attacks, and more worryingly, edged attacks, which is his worst vulnerability, both in the likelihood of it being exploited and in how much more damage it does.
        Rodan, unlike Megaguirus, starts out grounded and a bit slow for it, but can easily lift himself up. He does use up energy by doing so, but slowly, unlike the heavier fliers who eat up energy quickly for slow flight. Once he is in the air, he has the best maneuverability in the game, able to fly circles around his foes and dive bomb them from just about anywhere.
        Said weapon is his only long range attack, the Uranium Heat Beam. As the name implies, the blast is fiery in nature. On the ground he can charge and fire powerful blasts, but in the air he shoots quick bursts down at the enemy. This is similar to King Ghidorah, but he does so more quickly, while the dragon has more range.
        By pressing R2 and L2, he can do an air escape- that is, he can shoot up into the air to avoid attacks. This doesn’t use up energy. However, it does temporarily leave Rodan out of your control, as he spirals back down to the ground, landing in a different spot. This is obviously useful if Rodan is in a bad spot, quite literally.
        Then there is his Rage attack, which, like the Heat Beam, mirrors King Ghidorah. The Heat Spiral has him float up and spin, firing out his heat ray in a circle. As with his regular attack, it has less range than Ghidorah’s, but it moves faster, making harder to avoid if one is in range.
        The last monster I’ll talk about today is likely the most complex, Mothra. Unlike the other monsters, she has two distinct phases, larva and imago. In Survival mode you can pick which state she is in, but otherwise she begins as a larva every time.
        This means, of course, that Mothra has two sets of stats. As a larva, her attack is average, defense a bit better, abysmal speed, and low weapon stats. Translating that into battle, she incredibly slow in movement and attack, has only one long range move, and while her attacks are okay, they aren’t very good to use. She can, however, take a hit well. She also resists any and all weapon attacks, except acid, which is her sole weakness.
        As for her own weapon attack, she fires out a blast of webbing, which does low damage and stuns the enemy momentarily, allowing her to get closer and attack. It also ignored their guard, which is great. It also uses very little energy, two squares. Sadly, her energy meter does not increase at all, meaning you have a small amount of web blasts to actually fire.
In addition, as you might notice from looking at her, Mothra Larva has no arms.         While she can stab enemies with her tail and headbutt, she cannot throw the enemy, nor block. Her low speed prevents her from avoiding attacks well, which means she will be hit a lot.
        Given her shape, she can easily roll in different directions when sent flying, which can be used to roll straight back into combat, or away to get some breathing room. However, given everything I’ve said, I’m sure it’s clear that despite her redeeming qualities, this larva lacks far too many abilities too compete with her opponents on anything resembling a level playing field. Luckily, as I said before, this is only Mothra’s first form. She can, at any time, press R2 and L2 to transform into her Imago form. Just be sure to do so before you’re actually defeated.
        In this state, her attack and defense both lower slightly, but her speed jumps up to one of the faster characters, though she can’t compare to Megaguirus or Rodan, and her weapon stat jumps up as well. In other words, she’s faster, can combat enemies at longer range, and loses many of the weaknesses that crippled her before. She also loses her many resistances, but keeps her resistance against nuclear attacks, while gaining a weakness to fire. The transformation also restores her health completely.
        She can now block, throw, recharge her enemy naturally, and fire an electrical Antennae Beam to clash with the beams of other characters and easily damage them. However, the beam is only the tip of the iceberg. Her physical abilities are still not great, they have their uses, and she has a variety of special moves to make up for any lack.
        She can produce a cloud of poison around herself with up and Circle, stunning and damaging any foe that gets too close. Forward and Circle will have her send out a gust of wind, damaging the enemy and move herself back a bit. It’s a good way to get a little distance and slow the enemy, all at the cost of absolutely no energy.
        Up and Circle has her fly up and let out a burst of light, stunning pretty much everything on screen. Given this trick is called Cry For Peace, I suppose it makes sense that it doesn’t actually damage the enemy, but it does stun them, allowing her to charge up a blast. Since the poison cloud damages them too, this is more useful for stunning at a range, while that only works up close.
        Lastly, Mothra has two extra defensive abilities. She can float up, levitating vertically, with Circle and back. This produces a sheild around her that reflects energy attacks, much like Jet Jaguar, except it knocks them back at the target automatically. It also uses up a square of energy every few seconds of use.
        Since the blasts are fairly easy to see coming, it shouldn’t be much of an issue. In fact, which fighting Mothra, like with Mecha King Ghidorah, I had quite a tough time landing any weapon attacks. As for the second defensive ability, well, she actually has no Rage attack. Instead, it heals her and restores her energy, making it a quick way to rejuvenate her instead of a powerful attack.
        The basic strategy I’d use for Mothra is to stay in Larva form as long as you can so you can dish out damage with her web attack and better physical attacks, then switch as soon as you’re about to die. Don’t worry about not having the chance- so long as you save a little energy, you should be able to web them up before they can finish you. Once you are in her Imago form, fire her Antennae Beam often, stun them if necessary, and keep your distance, countering their own long range attacks.
        In wrap this up, I’d say out of the three I prefer Megaguirus. Granted, Rodan could probably beat her easily thanks to his heat beam, but she is very quick, can leech the enemies, health, powers, and energy, and in general is just more fun for me personally. However, with her long range moves and the ability to deflect attacks, even if she is weak to fire, Mothra could likely defeat them both if used by a expert player… which I am not.
        Doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying, of course, and as I do I get more content for you guys to read. In fact, we’re almost If any of you have bosses or characters or whatever you want me to talk about next time, please, send me a comment! I’d love to hear from you all.

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