Jet Jaguar and Moguera

        Getting back into Godzilla: Save The Earth, today I’ll look at two monsters I do not use very often, mostly because they have odd play styles that make them a bit difficult at first. Moguera and Jet Jaguar are both robots used to defend the Earth from hostile threats, whether it’s aliens or monsters. I’ll admit, I prefer Moguera, but we’ll get to him last.
        Jet Jaguar is, well, to put it bluntly, an Ultraman expy. Sure, he looks a little different, and he doesn’t have a blinking light to tell you when he’s in danger, but he’s pretty much the same guy. Regardless, he is a very interesting character to use in this game. He resists ice and acid, and as a robot, he is weak to lightning.
        His stats are just average. Attack, defense, and speed are all exactly in the middle. However, his weapon stat is as low as it could possibly be. This is because unlike most of the monsters, he lacks almost any sort of projectile attack. The one he does have is basically just a short range sonic attack, produced by his hands clapping. It is kind of useful, but he takes a bit of time to use it, so it often leaves him open. Since when I first placed this game I preferred blasting by enemies as opposed to fighting up close, as soon as I saw this I lost most of my interest in Jet Jaguar, save as an enemy, because the computer could use him much better than I could.
        As you might guess by his lack of weapons, this robot is entirely focused on close range combat, specifically martial arts moves. Most of them are blunt attacks, with only two counting as edged. He can certainly get the advantage if you get too close fairly easily, so in that regard he can be simple to use once you know how to get him to do his various attacks.
        However, that doesn’t mean he can be taken out easily from afar. You see, Jet Jaguar’s special ability is that he can change size. When he becomes small, he loses the use of his hand clap attack, and his physical attacks will all diminish in power. However, in exchange, he becomes absurdly fast, and gains a energy shield around himself that deflects any weapon attacks, making him completely immune to them as long as he is in this form.
        Naturally, the decrease in size means he can be harmed and sent flying by physical blows very easily, provided they don’t go over his head. So this state is mostly for blocking attacks and getting places quickly. Also, if you do block the weapon fire, it will be deflected back, so if your enemy is a bit too trigger-happy, you can punish them accordingly.
        Becoming small isn’t his only trick though. He can also grow even bigger, dwarfing all the other kaiju. His hand clap becomes bigger and stronger as well, and of course all his physical blows are boosted tremendously, making him easily capable of sending his enemies flying like toys. However, where his small form was fast but weak, his large form is strong and slow. If the enemy can escape from him, he won’t be catching up quickly. In addition, unlike his small form, he will lose energy overtime while big, so you only have a limited time to use it.
        This form gives enemies a chance to blast him from afar, but luckily, in this state it is hard to move him, and attacks that would otherwise send him flying simply knock him over, from which he quickly recovers on his own. Don’t think you could rush in and hit him if you do so, though- physical attacks are much weaker against him now, and there is an odd, inexplicable effect when other monsters get too close. They get send flying as if hit, but take no damage. I don’t really know why this is, but it only seems to happen when Jet Jaguar falls over. Maybe it’s the effect of him falling? Whatever it is, it makes it harder on your foes, so I’d say it’s a feature, not a bug.
        This size changing mechanic means that Jet Jaguar can change his abilities, moveset, and weaknesses in the blink of an eye. He can deflect enemy fire, but be weak to close attacks, or be near invulnerable to physical attacks, but weaker to long range strikes. It’s a bit of strategy the other monsters don’t really have, which makes him a bit harder to use. But I’d urge players to do so- you might enjoy it.
        As for when the computer uses him, he will shrink every time you fire at him, but might forget to change back before charging in to attack. If so, you can punish his advances, and while the computer is generally smart enough to shrink when fired at while giant, he can’t while he is doing something else, or they may opt to block. He can be easy to manipulate, if you know what you’re doing. In addition, grabbing him while he is small will force him back to regular size.
        Next is Moguera, who is pretty much as far from Jet Jaguar’s style of fighting as possible. It is less like a robot and more like a giant weapon platform. It has the same resistances as Jet Jaguar, ice and acid, but aside from lightning, it is also weak to sonic and alien energy, which is concerning, and it takes more damage from lightning specifically than any other character. Even worse, looking at its stats, they aren’t nearly as even as Jet Jaguar‘s. Moguera’s attack is pitiful, and its defense hardly any better. On the other hand, its speed and weapon stats are completely maxed out.
        This means that Moguera doesn’t do much damage and it takes damage very poorly, but it has the fastest land speed in the game, and has more weapons and more powerful weapons than anyone else. Getting close to your foes is a never a good idea with Moguera, but if you have them at a distance you have a multitude of ways to deal with them. Like Jet Jaguar, Moguera requires some getting used to.
        To start with though, I will go over its meager physical abilities. It can attack enemies with its small arms and drill nose, but most of these attacks do not make enemies so much as flinch, and do little damage. Luckily, it still can throw the enemy, but it lacks any special throws like other characters. Still, throwing lets him get some distance, which is vital for Moguera.
        Moguera doesn’t move like any other character in the game, having tank treads. This means it can move quickly, in any direction and at top speed. Unlike other characters, it doesn’t have to turn away from the enemy to move as fast as possible, it is simply always at its best speed, and you cannot make it lose focus on the enemy. It is fully capable of moving freely while firing energy attacks, unlike other characters who have to stop moving to fire. It can also expend energy to temporarily go even faster, and can do a boosted jump as well.
        With that out of the way, we can get to meat of things- Moguera’s weapon attacks. All of its attacks use very small parts of its energy bar- less than any other monster, meaning it can fire off its attacks far more frequently. Given this is its best means of doing meaningful damage, this is what really what makes him playable.
        Instead of a beam, the R1 button has it fire out a barrage of eye lasers. This is actually its most versatile attack in terms of where it fires- since its head can be aimed manually, and it automatically looks at the enemy, it can hit them no matter where they are, and the attack is great for knocking airborne enemies down.
        Next are its arm missiles, fired by holding the square button, which have impressive knockback, but I don’t like them much otherwise- if one hits, the other will not because the enemy has been knocked away, and it does about as much damage as the eye beam, meaning unless you need an explosive attack specifically, you might be better off with that. Plus, since it is fired from its arms, the missiles will always go forward rather than necessarily at the enemy, though it does start to home in on them after a moment.
        If you just tap the square button, however, it will let out a EMP blast that will momentarily stun a nearby enemy. Since Moguera is at its worst at close range, this is very handy. It also does this as his recovery move.
        Tapping the circle button has it fire out a spray of sparks from its chest. This is easily its weakest and least expensive attack, to the point that I’d only really advise you use it if you have absolutely nothing else to use. The only real use for it I can think of is that computer enemies freeze and block when you use weapon attacks, if they can, do this can be used, thanks to Moguera’s free movement, to stall them while you get a power up or so forth.
        Holding the circle button will have it fire out lasers from its arms at chest level. Enemies may be able to duck under this, but if they cannot, it’ll hurt. It’s easily Moguera’s strongest regular move, but also use the most energy.
        Not that that’s much- while the segments in the bar are generally for show, with Moguera it’s a indicator of how much the attacks use. Sparks are barely visible, missiles and eye lasers are a full square, EMP is a half square, and lasers are two squares.
        Then there is its ammo attack. Unlike most characters with these, Moguera starts out with no ammo, but it can get ammo by collecting energy power ups, or by blocking enemy weapon attacks. Blocking itself doesn’t do much for Moguera- it doesn’t take too much less damage, but it keeps it from being sent flying, and grants it one ammo charge for a maximum of three.
        Tapping R1 with ammo lets it fire out a plasma laser that is easily its best attack- strong enough to fling enemies back, and doing much more damage than the others. In addition, I should point out that with its speed Moguera is not only great at dodging thrown projectiles and blasts, but it doesn’t generally flinch unless sent flying, unlike most- meaning it can fire off attacks while being hit by weaker blasts, when the enemy cannot dodge or block.
        Last of all there is Moguera’s Rage attack, Photonic Storm, which lets out a giant shockwave that sends the enemy flying- this doesn’t travel along the ground like Godzilla 2000’s, but instead fires out instantly at head level. I’d say it’s a good improvement, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to fit Moguera’s other attacks. Ah well.
        However, all this weaponry comes at a cost. Literally, the energy bar. While the other characters regenerate their energy over time, Moguera cannot do so. Instead, the only ways it can regain lost energy is to either find a energy power up, or to ‘shut down’ with the R2 and L2 buttons, restoring two squares worth of energy.
        Of course, this leaves the fragile robot vulnerable, so I’d recommend putting a building or two between you and the enemy before using this. Oddly, the game manual doesn’t mention this trick at all. Good thing I am, I suppose. Of course, the best thing to do would be beat the enemy before such drastic measures are necessary.
        In summation, these two are both robots, but their similarities end there. One is a size-shifting warrior who is best up close, and can deflect enemy fire, while the other is far more frail, but can blast the enemy easily from afar. In spite of his weaknesses, I still prefer Moguera. Maybe it’s just the sheer weapon variety, or maybe I enjoy making tactical use of those weapons to beat my undoubtedly physically superior opponents. Regardless of the reason, Moguera is one of my favorites in this game.

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