Godzilla and King Ghidorah

        So, getting back to Save The Earth, today I’ll be talking about Godzilla himself, and his nemesis King Ghidorah. Both of these characters appear in two different iterations, so we’re basically covering four characters for the price of two. Let’s start with Godzilla.
        To begin with, Godzilla is very much the average character, like Kiryu I mentioned before. He has no particularly outstanding stats, all of them being roughly in the middle. He comes in two different iterations, Godzilla 90s and Godzilla 2000. The only difference between them, stat-wise, is that 2000 has higher Speed and lower Weapon.
        They both share a resistance to flames and radiation, elements they use, and a weakness for lightning. Unlike characters I mentioned previously, they have absolutely no special abilities to mention. This makes them very much the average characters, with no jarringly low stats that might disqualify them, but also no impressive abilities that make them stand out.
        Of course, they do not need them- it’s Godzilla. Odds are most players would picks one of them because it’s his game, after all, and playing as him is a very good way to get used to the game and how everything operates. He has nothing to make you choose him but popularity, but also nothing to condemn him either.
        At least as far as that goes- in combat things get a bit more particular. Again, no particular variety of attacks is a bad choice to go with him, but he does seem more adept at tail related attacks than anything, which are some of his strongest moves and longest reaching. I personally think his leg moves are a bit worse than the rest, but that could just be me. 2000 is a bit bigger than 90s, and might be stronger physically, but if so it doesn’t appear on the stat screen. What does appear is that it shows 2000 uses more edged attacks, while 90s uses more blunt ones. The two are very similar, but they do not have the exact same moveset, at least in this.
        As for their special moves, a tap of the button will have them shoot a fireball, which I personally don’t have much of a use for, but it certainly would help against something weak to fire. Next is the atomic breath, blue for 90s and red for 2000. Aside from that small cosmetic change, there isn’t much difference in terms of effect, and they do not count as fire by the game’s logic, but radiation.
        Where they differ is in their Rage move. While they shared the same one in the first game, here that one has been given to 2000. It is the Nuclear Pulse, which acts as a giant shockwave that sends enemies flying and can topple buildings. It is pretty useful, if simplistic. 90s, on the other hand, has the Finishing Breath, a extremely powerful version of their usual blast, completely unblockable and will send anything flying.
        Ultimately I find these two hard to pick between, and I usual pick 2000 because he looks a little cooler, though I’d say 90s has the better Rage move for one on one fights, while 2000 would be better for group battles. It’s a matter of the battle at hand and preference. Unless he is facing Rodan, who is immune to his fireball, or a lightning user, Godzilla can take out just about anyone with equal results, and even then he isn’t at such a disadvantage that he cannot win.
        So that’s Godzilla taken care of; let’s move on to King Ghidorah. He is often considered Godzilla’s worst and most reoccurring enemy, and regardless of the continuity he’s shown to incredibly powerful and vile. Naturally, this game is no exception- he has incredibly high Attack and Defense stats, with his Weapon stat being only slightly lower. The only weakness here is that he is quite slow.
        His moves are a bit odd, because he has no arms to speak of, but his three heads and massive size, even by kaiju standards, easily make up for the lack. He is also incredibly resistant to blunt attacks, and most of the attacks that would normally send a foe flying only make him stumble back. It takes a truly impressive attack to send him flying, while many of his attacks can do the same. He is also difficult to deal with in other ways- aside from blunt attacks, he is also resistant to lightning, sonic attacks, and alien energy, and his only weakness is acid, a fairly underused element.
        He can also fly, naturally, even if he is still slow while doing so, and while flying he can blast the enemy with bursts of lightning and hurricane winds, knocking them back. Speaking of electricity, his main weapon attack is his Gravity Beams, lightning lasers fired from all three of his heads. He can also use said beams to heal himself, though this takes all his energy to do so.
        His Rage move, Deathstorm, has the dragon monster fly up and spin in a circle, scorching everything with lightning. No, standing under him won’t help, nor will blocking, just get out of range or you’ll regret it. It’s obviously quite useful, especially against a group of enemies and anything close by, much like 2000’s Nuclear Pulse.
        Speaking of Godzilla, the 90s variation definitely has it worst against this guy- Ghidorah is heavily resistant to blunt attacks, 90s main form of attack. 90s is also weak to lightning, which King Ghidorah fires off with impunity. Most other characters are, while less vulnerable, not likely to be much better against the dragon’s powerful blows.
        He’s a terror at close range, but at long range he can only depend on his Gravity Beams, so that is the best way to take him out, even if he can resist many forms of damage. This is also because, in addition to his powerful physical attacks, he can also throw his enemies from behind thanks to his two tails, so any sort of close range assault can be a risky proposition.
        Oddly, all of this is sort of reversed for his counterpart, Mecha-King Ghidorah. His stats are still high, but his Attack and Defense both dropped by one, while his Weapon has increased by the same amount. The most jarring change, however, is to his resistances and weaknesses.
        He now resists both blunt and edged attacks, as well as sonic attacks, which are generally close ranged as well, meaning getting close to him is an even worse prospect, but, in exchange, he is now weak to all weapon types, including lightning. This means that any ranged attack one can muster would do massive damage to the cyborg, giving him a huge weakness at a range.
        However, don’t think this makes him an easy enemy- if anything, he is more difficult to deal with. How? Well, his new robotic body grants him new powers. In addition to his Gravity Beams, he now can fires off taser blasts, though these require ammo. They do miniscule damage, but they freeze the hit monster in place and rapidly reduce their energy bar to nothing. This of course prevents them from shooting Mecha-King Ghidorah, and allow him to get in close while they are stunned and attack.
        More worrisome, however, are his defensive capabilities. When he blocks he doesn’t simply guard, he brings up a powerful force field. As long as he has energy, he will bring this up instead of blocking normally, and any energy attack that hits it will be absorbed and heal him, effectively reversing his weaknesses. In addition, he can do the opposite of his Counterpart- rather than sacrificing energy for health, he sacrifices health for energy, ensuring he won’t run out.
        Thus, despite him being resistant to any close range attack, his enemies essentially have to face him up close, because he will simply heal himself if they shoot at him. Luckily, his shield still doesn’t protect him from throws, and he can be shot at just fine when he is knocked over. Even better, he is far easier to stagger than his organic counterpart, and reacts to attacks normally, removing some of the danger.
        As for his Rage move, it is less an attack and more of a temporary effect. Specifically, he becomes invincible for a short duration, allowing him to attack with impunity. Simple and straight to the point, and very fitting for a monster with so many weaknesses; now he can ignore them completely and close in to attack.
        Ultimately, the two versions of Ghidorah are as different as night and day in terms of their function. One is a slow powerhouse who is best dealt with from afar, while the other is capable of absorbing energy, and has to be stunned to exploit his weakness, making long range tactics worthless. One has a rage move that destroys everything around him, while the other protects himself.
        Personally, I actually don’t have a preference for either character. Both are very, very good at their particular situations, and sometimes I prefer one, sometimes the other. I’d recommend players try out both and see who they prefer.

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