Mechagodzilla and Kiryu

        Last time I talked about Godzilla: Save The Earth, and I’d like to pick up on that. Who knows, I might write about all the characters. For now though, I’ll be discussing two very similar ones, Mechagodzilla 2 and 3. 3, also called Kiryu, is my favorite. I’ll call him that to help tell these two apart.
        But I’ll start with 2. Both are mechanical replicas of Godzilla, but they were made for very different purposes. Mechagodzilla 2 was created by evil aliens to aid in their takeover of Earth. In fact, in the previous game, Destroy All Monsters Melee, Mechagodzilla had the normal final boss role, while Orga appeared in Hard Mode.
        Mechagodzilla was touted as the Vortaak’s ultimate weapon, and it is fairly easy to see why, because despite not having final boss status in the sequel, he hasn’t lost any power and plays much the same in both games. Stat-wise he is pretty good, with slightly below average attack and speed, but very high defense and weapon, meaning he can take blows and his special moves are all staggeringly strong.
        There is also his weaknesses and resistances to consider, but he comes out fairly well there, resisting acid, ice, and having the best resistance to slashing attacks in the game. As for weaknesses, he is weak to lightning and alien energy, which are regrettably a bit common, but his defense makes up for it to a degree.
        As for special moves, first are his rockets, which he can fries up to three times from his hands. As with all ammo based attacks, he can get an extra use by picking up energy power ups. The rockets are fired straight ahead, homing in on the target, and act as a good supplement to his other moves, especially since it forces most foes to block and leave themselves open to throws and the like.
        He also has laser eyes as his beam move, and for his other special moves he can fire a plasma cannon from his chest, acting as a good short range blast. He can also shoot upwards at an angle to hit flying targets if you push Circle and Up. Circle and Forward results in him using his jets to head butt the enemy, which is also useful to move around the stage quickly- however, he a bit slow when he stops, leaving him open. Finally, he can turn around to use his jets to push an enemy back, which is useful in some cases. It doesn’t hurt them, however, it is purely for getting distance.
        He can also fly with the jets too, but he does so fairly slowly. It is useful though, and he can attack with eye beams from the air too, though they’re just fired out instead of charged. He also can make an enormous leap when L2 and R2 are pressed at once, great for getting out of a situation quickly.
        Finally, there is his Rage attack, where he fires all his weapons at once- eye beams, plasma cannon, and rockets. This is best done at close range, given how the plasma cannon works and the fact that he will fire the lasers at a downward angle. I don’t think the attacks are any stronger than usual, but getting hit by all three is certainly hard to shrug off, though it can be blocked.
        When facing him, staying away from him may be a wise move. From afar, he can only use his rockets and laser eyes to hit you, which you can avoid with buildings or counter with your own laser. Once he is out of energy, he has to move in close, where he has only his weaker regular attacks to use until his energy returns. Though his defense is high, he is very slow, allowing many foes to outpace him. The fact that he is weak to alien energy and electricity, some of the most used elements in the game, doesn’t help much either, meaning can you potientally spam him to death, though his high defense prevents that from being excessively easy.
        Next we move on to Kiryu. While his predecessor was created by evil aliens, Kiryu was made by the humans, partially from the original Godzilla’s remains, which may explain why this robot is much more flexible in movement and fights more like the real thing. Obviously he was made to stop Godzilla, much as Mechagodzilla 2 was, but with aliens attacking, he certainly could be put to other purposes.
        As mentioned, he much more resembles the real Godzilla, including in stats. Godzilla is average, and so is Kiryu, but the stats are scattered a bit differently. Attack, defense, and speed are all exactly average, while his weapon stat is slightly worse. However, don’t think he is worse than Mechagodzilla 2 for this. He may have weaker special moves and less defense, but he is more balanced overall, and can be used both up close and from afar. Unlike Mechagodzilla, Kiryu is resistant against alien energy as well, leaving only lightning as his weakness. He keeps all of the other resistances the previous model had as well.
        He also can fly, like Mechagodzilla, exactly like in fact; he is no faster. He is faster on the ground though. His physical attacks work more quickly than his counterpart’s, and he can actually use his tail. His grab is also unique- while everyone else just picks their opponent up, Kiryu forms a electric knife from his hand and stabs the foe with it, doing constant low damage.
        However, like any throw, if he holds the enemy for too long they will break free and he will be stunned. It simply adds a bit more damage before he flings them away. This does make him unique though, in that he cannot walk around while holding the enemy or do a normal throw in addition to his special ones.
        Speaking of special, instead of a eye laser, he uses a lightning beam from the mouth, which works well on Mechagodzilla, as well as Godzilla himself. Rather than firing rockets from his hands, he instead fires them from his back. This results in a very different move; They do not fly directly at the enemy, but instead shoot up into the air and home in on the enemy later. This also means that unlike Mechagodzilla, you cannot stop him from firing some of the missiles if you hit him in time- they’re all fired at once.
        This also means they have different advantages- Mechagodzilla’s missiles can be used to pressure an enemy and keep hitting them, but Kiryu’s only come and hit the enemy later from the air, meaning they are used to gain the advantage later when they have to block the missiles then.
        Kiryu lacks the plasma cannon Mechagodzilla possesses, trading it for his tail attacks. He still has the two jet moves, however, and they work identically. In fact, Kiryu performs his charge when he attacks after being knocked over, so you’ll see it a lot.
        He is less dependent on energy than his counterpart, meaning those who face him will not find ridding him of said energy to be as helpful. He can fight up close as well, meaning he has no particular combat blind spot. However, he is weak to lightning, and is purely average in stats. While he greatly resisted edged attacks, blunt ones work well. Ultimately, the fact that he can fight at any range makes him unspecialized. For this reason, I can only suggest that you play your strengths to overwhelm him. If your character specializes at a range, get him that way. Up close, use that.
        Of the two, I prefer Kiryu, because he is more versatile and in my opinion simply looks cooler. Still, both robots are very impressive in this game, especially given they’re symbolically represent the opposing forces, Earth and the Vortaak. Speaking of them, perhaps I should take a moment before I end things off to talk about the military.
        The military appears in every stage, except Monster Island, which has built in indestructible turrets and only the occasional helicopter, and the Mothership, where they are replaced by Vortaak forces. As for what the military consists of, it is mostly tanks on the ground, which fire off explosive blasts that do little damage, but can the target flinch, stopping attacks and making them drop what they are holding.
        Helicopters fly about freely, but they are as flies compared to the monsters. Their attacks are bullets, doing just one damage, and they can be defeated by running into them. Similarly, tanks are destroyed by stepping on them.
        There used to be a Mazer tank that can freeze monsters in place, but only in the first game. This doesn’t show up in Save The Earth at all, probably to balance things out. After all, if they are solely targeting one character, which they do, that will give the other immense advantage if they’re frozen solid periodically.
        As for the Vortaak, they aren’t any more durable, just more numerous. They attack in small flying vehicles that shoot lasers. These do not hinder the monsters in the slightest, but they do more damage than the Earth forces and there are a lot of them. They cannot actually defeat a monster, I don’t think ,but they can weaken them steadily as the real fighting goes on.
        Both the military and the Vortaak have the same behavior- whoever is causing the most destruction  gets attacked. Oddly, the game counts thrown buildings as being destroyed by the target rather than the thrower- this obviously can be used to your advantage.
        The only time when this is not the case is on Monster Island, where there are no structures except rocks, so the turrets just target whoever is closest, and in the final battle of Action mode on the Mothership, where the Vortaak will solely target you. This makes sense, given your opponent is their champion.
        So that’s that for the two Godzilla robots and the military done, but I’m certainly not done with this game. I’d actually like to cover the entire game, one article at a time. Would you like another Godzilla post next time, or something else? Please give a comment telling me what you wish for, dear readers.

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