There are a lot of strange fighting games out there, but I highly doubt many of them can match the sheer scale of Godzilla: Save The Earth. It is a game about giant monsters fighting each other, destroying everything in their path to get an advantage with aliens egging them on with power ups. The military’s best efforts to quell this are often completely ignored, and destroyed when the player isn’t even paying attention. Yes, it doesn’t get much bigger. 
        It also plays out very oddly. The monsters are powerful, but they are, compared to most other fighting game characters, quite odd and slow. Stringing combos isn’t really all that useful- instead your aim is to land singular, powerful blows as best you can. In addition, they are all very different from each other, and no two play all that similarly. Even Godzilla 90s and Godzilla 2000 have their differences.
        For instance, Mothra can fly, Megalon can burrow underground, Rodan is immune to fire attacks, and so on. All have their strengths and weaknesses, things they can resist or are weak to, which all means that some characters are at an advantage to others, but they can still be compensated for in various ways.
        For example, Megalon is weak to physical attacks, but immune to electricity, meaning King Ghidorah, while dangerous up close, wouldn’t be able to hurt he giant insect at all with its energy blasts, and any attempt would actually heal Megalon. On the other hand, all of them can pick up, throw, or even catch buildings, giving all of them additional options when they need them.
        In addition, some of the fighters are strange, even by their own standards. Megaguius cannot fire energy blasts like the others, and instead can grab enemies to ‘steal’ theirs, or sap their energy or health. Moguera sort of floats everywhere and can move over any terrain with ease, and has a very of powerful weapons… but it doesn’t restore energy normally, and has pathetic physical attacks and defense.
        However, I think the strangest of them all is the final bosses of the game. Yes, plural. First is Orga, and then Spacegodzilla, who replaces Orga on Hard mode. Both are clones of Godzilla, to a degree, but they are completely different fighters.
        Orga is an alien that tried to absorb Godzilla’s DNA, resulting in the giant beast you see in game. They are primarily focused on close range combat, and throws. They can even grab enemies while running at them or jumping, and their hands are very large, giving them more range up close. They also have a special grab that lets them leech health.
        Orga, stat-wise, has no real weakness- he has the highest attack in the game and everything else is average. However, while he resists pretty much any physical attack you can hit him with, he is weak to most energy blasts- acid, nuclear, fire and alien energy, specifically- meaning once you have him at a range, there isn’t much he can do.
        As for his own special moves, while he does have the usual beam blast, I think it might actually take slightly longer than most others to fire. His goo attack is quick to work and stuns the enemy, but it is a short range projectile.
        Finally, his Rage move, which can be used after finding a Rage power up, isn’t all that great. He essentially spasms and flails, firing off his cannon in random directions, and culminating in a shockwave that spreads outward. Godzilla 2000 also uses a shockwave, but his is much stronger and goes much further. Ultimately, Orga is a perfect close range fighter, but terrible at a range.
        Spacegodzilla, on the other hand, is a clone of Godzilla with psychic powers. His psychic powers take up the bulk of his moveset, and the moves that lack it are generally quite weak. This gives him more range for those particular moves, but makes him bad at close range.
        In addition, his psychic moves all take up his energy meter, meaning he will quickly run out, were it not for his special ability- he can summon up to two crystal spires in front of him, which restore his energy by proximity, and aid him in various other ways. They serve as good shields for energy blasts, though less so for physical attacks, and when they are active he can fire out lightning from them to hurt the enemy. This is actually one of his most damaging attacks, even when blocked, but it cannot knock out his enemies, nor does it impair them.
        The crystals aside, Spacegodzilla is also unique in that he can pick up and throw enemies without actually being near them, since he does so telepathically. However, it does take off a very large portion of his energy as a trade off. Still, it allows him to immobilize his foes at pretty much anytime as long as they are in range. For whatever reason, lifting buildings and the like doesn’t cost him energy, probably for balancing reasons.
        He can also levitate in two different ways. The first is much as how the flying characters can do so, which lets him uses a few different moves and move through the air. Unlike the fliers, however, he is very slow in the air, so this is more useful for avoiding attacks and using the specific attacks that come with the position, such as a stomping move. Doing this also consumes energy.
        Speaking of slow, he isn’t a very fast mover in general- even more so than Godzilla himself. However, every character can, with a push of a button, ignore their enemy and move in whatever direction you place. This tends to make them a little faster, but especially so for Spacegodzilla, who will start hovering off the ground and move substantially faster. The downside is he has to return to normal before he can claim a power up, pick anything up, or attack, but it is good that he has some ability to quickly move when he must. Well, good for him.
        He also has the standard beam attack, the Corona Beam, to be charged up and fired, and a rage move, Crystal Prison, though I am uncertain exactly how it works. From what I can tell, he lets out a wave of energy, and if the enemy is hit, they are frozen in place and crystals impale them from all directions before they fall down. Despite how this sounds, it is actually a rather weak move in my opinion, so it’s not really worth picking up the Rage power up, like with Orga.
        Like I said, his physical attacks are pretty much subpar, except for a few cases. If he uses his arms, which are small and noodle-like, like a T-rex, it won’t be worth much, unless it is backed up by his psychic power. His feet, on the other hand, are huge, and while his attacks involving them are all slow, they are all strong. Still, psychic attacks fill the vast bulk of his arsenal, giving him greater range compared to most, but also a greater energy dependency.
        This is why the crystal spires are so crucial. They restore his energy and provide a couple new attacks, allowing him to keep fighting at his best and blast his enemies away. This also, however, means Spacegodzilla cannot stray far from the spires, lest he lose his energy recovery. So he is powerful, but once you get up close or get him away from the spires in someway, he will not be as hard to deal with.
        However, soon after they are destroyed, he has the power to summon them again, and if he needs to move for whatever reason, he can- he has the power to destroy the spires instantly, which allows him to summon them once more and the destruction will grant him some health, unlike when the enemy does so.
        As for when you face him, he can be a difficult foe- between lifting you with no warning, psychic attacks, and his energy replenishing spires, he can be very tenacious. Making matters worse, he is heavily resistant to most energy attacks, so trying to counter his long range attacks with your own will be a difficult endeavor, especially if you are playing a character that uses alien energy, because he is extra resistant to that.
        However, he is weak to slashing attacks, and is not the best at close range, so your best bet is to get in close and keep wailing on him. Sadly he excels in moves that knock you away, so you can’t really keep on him for long- just hit him with your best shot and keep coming. Aside from a weakness to slashing, he is a bit less durable than most of the other characters, so he will go down quicker under the same force.
        My best recommendation is for you to throw buildings at him to stun him and let you get closer, and repeat. He will fire his Corona Beam at you, but pretty much every character has an equivalent they can counter with, and if you win the beam struggle(trope) that results from the attacks colliding, then Spacegodzilla will be sent flying and lose a lot of energy.
        Comparing the two monsters, I generally find Orga to be the tougher opponent, but Spacegodzilla is far, far more fun to play. The CPU simply does better with a physical fighter, I think, than one that requires long range tactics and more strategy, which is more the sort of thing a player might excel at, given time to get used to the character. Orga is powerful up close, but a competent player can stop Orga cold by flinging them away and pummeling him with the energy blasts and so forth that he is so weak to.
        But everyone has different favorites, of course, and Spacegodzilla happens to be mine. But not my only favorite. Perhaps I’ll discuss the other characters sometime.


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