Angurius, Gigan, and Destoroyah

        Alright, time for the last three characters. I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed writing about Godzilla: Save The Earth, but everything has to end sooner or later, I suppose. So today we’ll be looking at Angurius, Gigan, and Destoroyah. Let’s start with Angurius. Continue reading


Baragon and Megalon

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        I apologize for my delays lately, everyone, it’s been a bit rough lately. Last time I covered Godzilla: Save The Earth, I told you all about the flying characters, so today I’ll do the reverse. There are two characters that burrow underground, Megalon and Baragon, and it proves to be an interesting tactic indeed. Continue reading

Kirby Air Ride

        Today I’ll be talking about a game I truly cherish. Kirby Air Ride is, in my opinion, one of the greatest games I’ve ever come across, and it’s one that I can come back to anytime, and never really get bored. To be fair to other games, I do know what exactly keeps me from going back to them- I beat them. They were finished; everything, or most everything, found and done. I couldn’t bring myself to pick them up again because it would only be retreading the same paths. Continue reading


        As I’m sure you all have noticed, I primarily talk about bosses, but that doesn’t mean all interesting villains are bosses. In fact, today I’ll be talking about someone who the player never faces in combat, but they remain an ever present threat, and in fact cast a shadow over the entire game. Today I’ll be talking about Kamek from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. Continue reading

Jet Jaguar and Moguera

        Getting back into Godzilla: Save The Earth, today I’ll look at two monsters I do not use very often, mostly because they have odd play styles that make them a bit difficult at first. Moguera and Jet Jaguar are both robots used to defend the Earth from hostile threats, whether it’s aliens or monsters. I’ll admit, I prefer Moguera, but we’ll get to him last. Continue reading


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Meta Knight

        I haven’t talked about Kirby in a while, so lets take a look at one of the more famous reoccurring bosses. Meta Knight shows up in many games, though not quite as many as King Dedede, challenging Kirby to a duel of swordplay. He usually appears as the semi-final boss, or at the very least, the boss of the second to last stage. Continue reading

Paper Bowser

        A while back, I talked about one of the bosses from Paper Mario, Huff N. Puff. While that was quite a difficult fight, it can hardly claim to be nearly as remarkable or memorable as his boss, Bowser himself. Aside from it being, well, Bowser, it is a fight that has been built up the entire game. Continue reading