Kurt Zisa

        When you encounter the dreaded bonus boss, do not expect mercy. They are often harder than anything the main game has to offer, something you have to go out of your way to find, and sometimes you’ll find you were better off not disturbing it. So why not look at one today? Kingdom Hearts’ own Kurt Zisa.
        Firstly, for those who are wondering, Kurt Zisa is named thusly because of a contest, the winner of which got his name in the game. And it is a name not likely to be forgotten, considering how tough the boss is. Kurt Zisa is a Heartless, a monster bent on devouring the hearts of others, converting them into more of its kind, and if they can, they will take even the heart of a world, letting it be consumed into darkness along with everything on it.
        As for this particular one, you can find Kurt Zisa in Agrabah, but only after you complete Sora’s adventures in Hollow Bastian, locking the Final Keyhole to stop even more darkness from flooding out into the universe. However, he doesn’t do so fast enough to prevent two very strong Heartless from appearing, Kurt Zisa being one of them. After going to Aladdin’s House, Sora would find the magic carpet looking frantic over something, and you have the choice to hop on and see where it takes you.
        It will fly to a seemingly empty patch of desert, where Kurt Zisa will jump out of the sand and try to swing at the carpet. It manages to get past, and several pillars pop up, making a magic barrier to keep you locked up with the beast. Sora and friends will fall off the carpet and the battle will begin.
        The first thing to decide on is which partners you will bring with you. I use Donald and Goofy, and if you prefer to bring Aladdin, that is up to you, I am not sure if he or Goofy is the better choice. Donald should definitely be there, however, given the other two are physical fighters. I prefer Goofy since I know he can occasionally block attacks, and can restore the other’s MP in exchange for his own.
        Once you are actually in battle, however, you should immediately summon Tinker Bell. The reason being that Tinker Bell not only heals you constantly, but will revive you to full health if you die. As for why I said immediately, well, Kurt Zisa fights in phases, and he starts the first phase by nullifying all magic with Silencega, preventing you from using spells or summons, meaning no magic attacks or healing except for items. If you have Tinker Bell, however, you won’t have to worry about that as much. You can also use special attacks even if they require MP, such as Ragnorok.
        The no-magic rule also applies to the Heartless, who will instead use two massive blades. The weak points here are the two orbs in its bottom two hands which power the Silencega spell. Given you start out fairly far from it and will have to run in close to attack, it will likely use a dash attack, charging straight at you from the starting position. This can be dodged by rolling under its arms.
        Once up close, it will often spin the blades in its hands, slashing right in front of it. Given the time it takes to start, it’s easy to back out of the harm’s way, but be wary of its range. Sora can also block the slashes entirely, but this is difficult to time.
        It will also occasionally jump forward or leap backwards if you keep damaging the orbs for long enough. This gets some distance between you and it, giving it a chance to dash at you once more. It can also turn to face you or your allies, stopping you from hurting the orbs with the sudden movements. Once an orb is destroyed, it will let out a ton of health, fortuitously, and once both are down, the giant Heartless will fall over. Its head will extend like a snake’s and occasionally try to hit you. The goal now is to try and shatter the orb in its mouth. This is the monster’s real life bar. If you block its attack, it will be dazed, giving you some experience and giving you a better shot at hurting it.
        However, it will only stay like this for a short time, and will get up again. This time the swords vanish and it will leap up, levitating, and a magic barrier will protect it from all physical attacks. This won’t stop you from using them, they’re just pointless. The barrier will, however, be hurt by magic, which you can now use.
        The barrier has less health than the either of the previous orbs and is a singular, very large target, but Kurt Zisa will be constantly moving away from you while in it, forcing you to follow. I think Thundaga spells do more than Firaga, but Firaga can at least fly straight and hit the boss, whereas Thundaga will strike the ground harmlessly if it is too far away. Blizzaga, being a spread shit, might be useful if you get up close, so that all the projectiles hit it.
        As for how it will attack you now, its arms will glow, producing fireballs that pop up all over the battlefield, generally directly where it has been, preventing you from following and hampering your progress. They will fly slowly at you, but can be blocked. Doing so will actually make them fly after Kurt Zisa instead, but given how slow they are, it’s best to avoid them altogether.
        Secondly, it will raise its arms and summon tornadoes around Sora specifically, trapping him in one place. This gives the fireballs time to reach him, and even worse, the tornadoes will shortly merge into one big one, damaging Sora. The solution is to dodge roll out of the tornadoes before that happens. Don’t think you can simply roll through the trap, however- When it starts to use this move, it is best to freeze so you roll when it starts properly instead of running into it headfirst.
        After you break the barrier, it will collapse again, revealing its true weak point once more. Attack as before, and it will get up and use Silencega again, starting the first phase again. You can see the pattern here- Melee, weak point, magic, weak point, and repeat. However, once you have it down to about half its health, it will begin using new moves.
        In the melee phase, it will bend over a bit before leaping into the air, spinning its blades and entire body to float. It will then either ram you while horizontal or vertical. If horizontal, you need to either roll under it, or jump over it. If vertical, you have to roll to the left or right to dodge. It sounds simple, but it will keep doing this three of four times in session, and it is easily one of, if not its worst attack.
        In the magic phase, it will add an attack where it sends a ripple through the sand, causing magical orbs to fly out of the ground and ram into you. These can be dodged with quick movements or blocked, so they aren’t especially difficult to deal with, but any slip up will be disastrous, as they easily do as much damage as the spinning attack. You know it is finished though, because then an extra large orb will spawn.
        Though these new moves can certainly through a wrench into your plan of attack, they are bearable when you know how to deal with them. Break through its attack phases and finish it off, and the Heartless will collapse, its stolen heart flying out as it fades away.

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