Villains come in many different forms. After being exposed to many different stories and characters, you start to form certain categories you can easily fit characters in to, and in many cases they are predictably correct. But not always, and Zant is a good example of a villain that seems to fit one stereotype, but in reality he couldn’t be more different. Continue reading


Mother Ship/Chozodia

        Last time, I talked about Ridley in various games, how he fought, and so forth. I also mentioned, briefly, what happened to Samus after their first battle in Zero Mission. I’d like to go on to that topic, though I won’t be talking about Mother Brain much- that would be a completely different subject, one that could be better discussed later. No, it seems Samus’s mission does not end where everyone thought it did… Continue reading

Giga Bowser

        One thing I always appreciated about fighting games is their ability to surprise you. You could play one a hundred times, and it will still find a way to catch you off guard. This especially applies to Super Smash Bros. because of the multitude of characters and items, meaning no match will ever go the same way twice. But one thing is does share with others of its ilk that I especially adore is the inclusion of secret battles. Continue reading


        Looking back, it is a bit mind-boggling that the first Pokemon games showed up twenty years ago. I have vague memories of playing the games when they came state-side, so I suppose I must have been five or so. Good times… I doubt I was all that great at the game, but I certainly was good enough to beat the Elite Four, the Champion, and capture Mewtwo. However, you see, I committed a grave error while doing so, which is what I‘ll be talking about. Continue reading

Brutal Doom

         Doom is an interesting game, to say the least. It set the precedent of what first person shooters can and in many ways should be, to such a degree that not only were all future games in the genre taking a least some cue from Doom, but people started calling them “Doom clones”. Doom effectively remade the entire genre. Continue reading


        The Count was a interesting boss, but ironically, one of his servants is actually more difficult to defeat than he is. Carmilla is the fourth boss of Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand, and unlike the Count, she quickly proves to be a much more difficult adversary. She is also, however, a bit less clearly evil. I actually feel bad for her. Well, you’ll see what I mean. Continue reading

Kurt Zisa

        When you encounter the dreaded bonus boss, do not expect mercy. They are often harder than anything the main game has to offer, something you have to go out of your way to find, and sometimes you’ll find you were better off not disturbing it. So why not look at one today? Kingdom Hearts’ own Kurt Zisa. Continue reading


        I do love complex and fascinating games, but sometimes simplicity wins out and creates something just as impressive. Fairy Bloom Freesia is an example of that. The gameplay, visuals, and music are all absolutely stunning, and I was instantly in awe. It has a fairly simplistic plot, however- Freesia the fairy is protecting the forest from invaders with the help of her trusty knife, a little magic, and completely awesome kung fu. Continue reading

Master Hand vs. Polygon Man

        The Super Smash Bros. series is one of my favorite fighting games. Where other fighting games have a somewhat orderly structure, in that there’s a reason the characters are there, a story, and a rigid structure of how combat goes. Super Smash Bros lacks this in that the characters can move freely on their many varied arenas, using not only their own abilities but items littering the area and obstacles. Continue reading