When I last talked about Megaman Battle Network 3, I went over the battle with Flameman, and the aftermath of the clash. Which we left off, Bass had arrived, demanding to fight a powerful opponent. He deleted Flameman in a single blow, so he clearly wasn’t up to Bass’ high standards. He seems to think Megaman might be a better challenge, and so the battle begins.
        Right off the bat you’re at a disadvantage, because Megaman only has whatever health remains from his last fight. Further, Bass seems to have the same amount of health as Flameman, one thousand, and even worse, he has an apparently unbreakable barrier protecting him, through which no attack will pierce. As a savvy player might guess, this is the perfect example of a hopeless boss fight. Still, it is a good time to get a look a Bass’s attacks and strategy, so that when you inevitably do fight him again, you’ll be ready.
        He has no gimmicks like Flameman’s candles, granting him the same mobility as Megaman. More so, in fact- Bass is clearly levitating everywhere, meaning the effects of the tiles will not bother him like it will Megaman. He won‘t float over the broken ones, however. As for attacks, he actually only shows off one, where his arms come out from under his cloak and turn into cannons, firing. This shot will shoot down the row very quickly, so it is a simple attack, but easy to screw up on dodging.
        Given his defenses cannot be broken, it is only a matter of time before the player loses, at which point Bass says he was hoping for much more than that, and prepares to finish Megaman off. Luckily, he is called away by Wily before he can, who tells him they have all the Tetracodes they need for his plan. Bass leaves, and Megman is spared for the moment.
        All in all, the battle gives the impression to me that Megaman simply is outclassed, whether by Bass’s immense power, or due to being weakened from his previous bout. The former seems more likely though, given he described the power as overwhelming even before then. That would be why the shield is unbreakable, and as for why Bass only uses one attack, well, he can probably tell Megaman is a lot weaker, so Bass is holding back himself to gauge what he can do.
        Much, much later, we find out why Bass is working with Wily. Wily despises the world because he and Lan’s grandfather were both working on separate projects, Wily in robotics and Tadashi in networking. Tadashi’s got the funding, which eventually let to the Net Society that the Battle Network series takes place in. Wily, angry that his friend has become famous while he is lost in obscurity, decided to destroy the society that had come about.
        Bass doesn’t really agree with Wily’s ideals or mission. He doesn’t hate society like Wily, but rather humanity itself. He despises them because, long ago, he was created as the first experimental independent Net Navi- that is, one without an operator to assist him. He instead has something called the ‘Get Ability’ program which lets him take the powers of defeated enemies.This lets him become stronger with every victory, rather than most Net Navis who use their operator’s Battle Chips to adapt to different situations. In fact, that barrier that surrounds him is really the LifeAura from the final boss of the first game, implying he somehow extracted that ability from it.
        In any case, he was living out his life as usual when the researchers in charge of his project decided he was to blame for a massive amount of errors occurring on the internet, and sent in an elite group of Navis to dispatch him, despite the protests of Dr. Cossak, Bass‘s creator. They failed, and Bass saw this as humanity, and most importantly Cossack, betraying him.
        He also isn’t very fond of other Net Navis, since they have human operators, or, in his eyes, masters, who tell them what to do. He feels that these Navis are weaklings who do not deserve to live, because Navis should have the power to survive on their own, as he does. As he says himself, “Navis have no need for operators. All that we need is the strength to exist on our own! Absolute power, so that we need cower before none. I will weed out weak Navis who cannot fight on their own!”
        In any case, by the end of the game, Wily’s plan to unleash Alpha, a giant monster to destroy the internet, is about complete. Megaman has fought past all his minions, and arrives just as Bass and Wily destroy the Guardian program that keeps Alpha locked away. Bass is surprised Megaman came in to fight him, calling him a fool not just for intervening, but for choosing to side with humanity. “Humans think of Navis as just tools to be used. Any Navi who doesn’t realize that is just as foolish.” Despite Megaman and Lan’s attempts to get him to stand down, another fight is inevitable.
        Luckily, this time things are on a more level playing field. Bass still has his LifeAura, but any attack that does a hundred damage or more will dissipate it temporarily, allowing you to actually hurt him. It can also be removed with the North Wind chip, which removes auras and the like. On the other hand, aside from the shot he used before, he’ll now send a barrage of cannon shots down all the lanes sometimes, and the same move he used on Flameman, Earth Breaker. In this case he will appear on your side of the screen, floating, then smash his hand down, completely shattering the back column. This attack will actually ignore any sort of defenses you may have put up, but he in turn is also not cloaked in his aura when he uses it. In the end the battle is simple, but deadly. Break his shield, then destroy him, or he’ll gladly do the same to you.
        However, I should point out that this is far from the only game Bass appears in- he actually appears in pretty much every game in the series, usually as a bonus boss, often as the strongest challenge one can face. In fact, it is no different here, because after you beat the game there is still more to see, and going as deep as you can into the game’s Secret Area(Yes, it is called that.) will reveal him to you.
        Bass GS, named for Gospel, the final boss of the second game, has a new purple aura that will take two hundred damage before cracking, and twice as much health. He sports a few new attacks as well, all based on Gospel, such as summoning the wolf monster’s giant claws to smash two random panels, cracking them, create a wolf head cannon on his arm that breathes fire much like Flameman’s attack, and last but certainly not least, if you get him down to five hundred health, he will summon a much bigger Gospel head to fire a giant laser. This will strike almost the entire arena, with the only safe spots being top and bottom squares of the first column. It will crack every panel it hits, and rip through any defenses. Your best hope is to finish him off before he uses it, really.
        So now we are truly finished with Bass. A powerful enemy that is hidden in the deepest recesses of the game, growing stronger, waiting for his chance to strike against humanity. Enjoy facing him.

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