It’s been a while since I talked about Castlevania, so I suppose this time I will talk about the first Castlevania game I ever played, Circle of the Moon. It is a bit of an oddity compared to the other games, since there’s no sign of the Belmonts at all, it doesn’t take place in the titular Castlevania, and if I recall rightly, the game isn’t considered part of the main series continuity. Continue reading


Huff N. Puff

        How have I not talked about the Mario series yet? It’s quite bizarre. Well anyway, Paper Mario is one of my favorite games, much like Metroid Prime, but where that was a first person shooter/adventure, this is a more classical RPG of sorts. The game gets its name from the way everything looks as though, well, it’s made of paper. Normally Mario moves about as you’d expect, running and jumping, but the battles are in RPG style, with some fascinating touches carried over from its predecessor, Super Mario RPG. Continue reading

Mecha Sonic

        Dr. Robotnik has made many interesting and deadly robots, but my personal favorite has always been Mecha Sonic. Ever since Sonic The Hedgehog 2 he stood out as a more dangerous adversary, easily second to the doctor himself, and he only became more impressive in Sonic and Knuckles. Continue reading

Count of Groundsoaking Blood

        So last time I mentioned the Boktai series. It never really got as popular as Battle Network, due to its special gimmick, but I did love the one game that I did get my hands on. Boktai: The Sun Is In Your Hand is certainly an odd game- one part stealth, one part action. There are a lot of times you’ll be forced into combat, but it can be avoided quite a bit by moving quietly. Enemies can also be lured into favorable positions by tapping on walls and the like. However, what makes it really special is the aforementioned gimmick- the game comes with a sensor that can detect if it is in sunlight. Continue reading


        I realize I have been doing articles on Megaman Battle Network at lot lately, but this will be the last time I go back to this well for a while, I assure you. Unless you want this, I guess. If any of you guys have ideas, let me know! Anyway, this time I’m looking at the fourth game in the series, often seen as sort of the black sheep of the series. I can see why; the 3rd game seemed very much like a finale, and the fourth, by comparison, I really must admit, wasn’t made with quite the same quality. Continue reading

King Dedede and Nightmare

        My first real experience with the Kirby series was with the Amazing Mirror, which I knew to be based on older games, literally reflecting them due to the mirror theme. So I thought I’d play Nightmare in Dream Land, a remake of the second Kirby game, and see what was borrowed from the original. Continue reading


        When I last talked about Megaman Battle Network 3, I went over the battle with Flameman, and the aftermath of the clash. Which we left off, Bass had arrived, demanding to fight a powerful opponent. He deleted Flameman in a single blow, so he clearly wasn’t up to Bass’ high standards. He seems to think Megaman might be a better challenge, and so the battle begins. Continue reading

Shadow Priest

        I’ll be brief this time. While fighting games are not my forte, I do really like Mortal Kombat. There’s something rather visceral and satisfying about pummeling your enemy and sending far too much blood everywhere. Even if I never could get those Fatalities to work properly… in any case, today’s subject is Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks. Continue reading


        Personally, I have played plenty of Megaman games, and while I did enjoy them, once they were beaten they didn’t have much to draw me back. However, the Battle Network series has a lot more longevity in my eyes. I suppose it could be personal preference, plus a difference in genre. The original series games are side-scrollers, reaching the end of a level and fighting a boss, whereas Battle Network games are RPGs, which are inherently more attuned to strategy and planning instead of action and speed. Continue reading


        I just realized we haven’t covered any fighting games, so now’s a good a time as any to fix that. However, I have to admit, I’m not very good at most of them. I mean, I could beat the arcade mode in them after a million tries, but… well, actually, that’s all that needs saying. I am, however, oddly good at most of the Dragonball fighting games I turned by hand to, in particular the Tenkaichi series. Continue reading