Personally, I did enjoy the Spiderman movies, but I got a lot more enjoyment out of the video games based on them. Except 3. That game… that game was not good. But the sins of Spiderman 3 is a story for another day. For now, I want to talk about the first Spiderman movie game. While the latter two used an open world sandbox, the first was closer to a beat-em-up game, where you’re proceeding to an objective and enemies are in your way, though given Spiderman’s ability to cling to walls and swing about on webs, it offered a lot more mobility than most of that genre.
        In any case, the game didn’t entirely follow the plot of the movie- it added several other segments and bosses that had nothing to do with the movie, but I feel it really did help show that Peter Parker is indeed a superhero, one who stops crime and faces off against super villains. It gave him experience. In addition, it added several new segments, which I thought actually helped the plot to a degree.
        For instance, after the first three levels, which focused on Spiderman attacking the hideout of his uncle’s killer, he is swinging around the city and is suddenly attacked by flying robots. Luckily, these ‘Light Mechs’, while durable to actual punches and kicks, are destroyed as soon as they’re hit in the eyes with webbing.
        It turns out they were sent by Oscorp to capture Spiderman for study, so they can find out how he has his powers and work out the kinks in their super serum. Spiderman swings on his merry way, and later Oscorp finds out that there are now two people running around the city with arachnid DNA, and their president Osborn decides to capture them both, sending out ‘Hunter-Killer’ spider mechs to herd them both into the same area and capture them.
        The Hunter-Killers are pretty threatening enemies; they are spider-shaped robots that can zip about with grappling hooks in the same way Spiderman can, bite him if up close, fire out bombs, hold him in place with a energy shot, and even use a flamethrower. Luckily, they’re after two targets, not one, which is where Scorpion comes in. After we hear the robots are coming, we cut to a sewer, where Scorpion is fleeing from the Hunter-Killers at that very moment, and jumps across a gap to get away. He pauses and laughs at the robots, telling them to ‘go back to their corporate masters’. However, his good mood doesn’t last long, as the robots use their grappling hooks to cross the gap, and he has to keep running.
        Then the level starts proper and we see Peter Parker heading to the subway to take some pictures of the damage from his previous battle with the Shocker. His elevator shakes, however, and he dons his costume and jumps out. Scorpion jumps out of a manhole, the robots only inches from him, and the battle ensues. As I said, Hunter-Killers have a lot of ways to attack you, and you have to watch not only your own health, but Scorpion’s too. Since the area seems to be a three leveled underground parking lot, it’s easy to lose track of Scorpion and your enemies, and if too many attack your ally at once, he’ll certainly die.
    On the bright side, you can throw the cars at the robots as well, which is an easy to destroy one quickly. They also can be subdued temporarily with webbing, or pulled off of walls if they’re getting away from you. While it’s not exactly an easy fight, I wouldn’t say it’s too hard so long as you know what you’re doing.
        After the battle, Spiderman is holding up a car garage door so he and Scorpion can go through, and causally asks what happened to Scorpion what happened to him. Scorpion tells Spiderman to keep away from him, then rushes into him, knocking them both into the other side of the door. He claims that Spiderman is with ‘them’ and that he can tell. He knocks Spiderman over and destroys a gate with his tail, then runs off, shouting “Freedom!” Spiderman of course follows him to a closed subway station, and wants to talk to him. Scorpion says he won’t talk, and that Spiderman “won’t take me back”, though of course Spiderman has no idea where he was or what happened to him. Since Scorpion seems quite insistent on fighting, it seems we have a boss battle on our hands.
        Despite what you may assume from the previous fight and his potentially innumerable deaths, Scorpion is a deadly fighter, and you’ll need to make full use of Spiderman’s mobility. His tail gives him a range advantage over you, both up close and afar, since it fires lasers, both a fast weaker variant and a charged up version that glows. His suit also weakens your blows, acting as armor. Trying to web him up is pointless, as it is with other bosses, but he can remove your webbing faster than the previous ones thanks to his tail.
        As mentioned he has long range attacks, but he’s far more dangerous at close range, and his attacks do a lot of damage. Aside from just punching you or hitting you with his tail, he can smash the ground to knock you over. He can cling to walls, but aside from his charged up laser he has no way to intercept you while swinging.
        The best move would probably be to take advantage of that by doing a swing kick, which will knock him to the ground. There are also combos that do the same. If you intend to go in close, it might be a good idea to use web gloves to power up your punches accordingly. However, given he can’t counter them easily, midair attacks are your best bet, or the handspring attack, which will also knock him over, and executes quickly.
        Health and webbing power ups are scattered about the subway station, and the pillars can be used to block his charged up laser if need be. There are some warning signs next to a damaged part of the area, and these can be used as projectiles. They do very little damage, but anything is better than nothing, and that little bit may be what you need to win.
        Whatever you do, don’t lose track of him. The area is dark, and it’s very possible to lose sight of him if you get distracted trying to get health or something similar. When I fought him the first time I distinctly recall I ended up in a lit underground area, where some health was. I had, simply put, been torn apart by the guy and was scared of going back out, and though maybe I could wait for him to come to me. He took his sweet time doing so, and every time he jumped it made a distant metallic crunching sound, getting closer, closer… 12 year old me was very dumb. The sound scared me out of my wits, and when he finally did come in, he of course had no trouble beating me to a pulp.
        Regardless, he is certainly beatable, especially if you keep using midair attacks. After this victory, Spiderman assures the unconscious Scorpion that he’ll get him to a hospital, and examines a Hunter-Killer that had been following them, now deactivated. He recalls they had attacked him before, and wonders who’s after him. As he muses on this, Scorpion wakes up and runs off. Spiderman remarks that he vanished, and that he feels bad for Scorpion, but honestly hopes they don’t meet again.
        And indeed they don’t. Scorpion doesn’t appear at all in the rest of the game or 2, but I heard that the PS3 version of 3 has Scorpion in it. From what I can tell though, the two versions of Scorpion are completely separate though, which leaves this one a mystery. If Oscorp made him, then surely they’d know who he was, rather than be confused about it. But Scorpion also seems to know that the Hunter-Killers were sent by a corporation, which means either he knows they use them, or that maybe all big corporations have secret robot armies- not a pleasant thought.
        Judging from his battle dialogue, he can’t take his suit off, fears that whoever made him this way will come after him, and is screwed up enough by his experiences that he thinks Spiderman of all people is working for ‘them’. You might think perhaps Scorpion hasn’t heard of Spiderman, but even if he hasn’t, why would someone trying to capture you help you fight off your attackers? His actions are paranoid and delusional, fearing anyone who gets close to him.
And the worst part, really, is that the game just completely drops him after this fight, never to be seen again! He flees into the darkness, leaving behind mysteries and unanswerable questions. Who made him like this? We may never know.

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