When I left off, I was describing the Devil Hulk boss fight, and how it tried to force Bruce to destroy, maim, and slaughter in order to protect himself from humanity. Bruce resists this temptation, and uses his device to destroy the tempter, his personal devil. However, he is not the only one suffering from this sort of problem.
        After the attack on Bruce that forced him to flee in the beginning of the game, the military found a glowing green piece of machinery in the rubble of his house. Emil Blonsky, the commander of Division, walks over to pick it up. General Ross warns him it might be dangerous, and obviously radioactive, but Blonsky points out that the fire might consume the material if they don’t grab it now, and does exactly that. As you might guess, this was a bad idea.
        He screams as green light surges out, and the screen cuts to black. When we see him in his next cutscene, oddly, he seems just fine, like nothing happened. Of course, that is a very short scene, meant to more thoroughly introduce him. The next, on the other hand, has him and Ross butting heads.
        Ross is angry because Blonsky has commandeered one of the vaults and established a Level 15 clearance, meaning Ross can’t find out what’s inside. All we, the players know is that it is something called Mission Directive. Needless to say, the general is none too pleased with this secrecy, screaming at Blonsky. But despite the director’s calm exterior, we see that under the table, his arm is glowing- perhaps that radiation did do something. And then, when he is alone, looking in the mirror, he sees a large monster with glowing eyes staring back at him, much as Devil Hulk did for Bruce.
        Shortly after this, Bruce finds out that a giant green monster is rampaging around the Branson Military Base. When Hulk arrives to stop it, it shows the power to speak and says “Banner! What did you do to me, you freak? You’ve turned me into an Abomination!” and then throws a girder at him, starting the fight.
        Abomination, as he has dubbed himself, fights very much like Hulk, charging straight in to pummel you. While you might think this would fail since the two are evenly matched, in reality, they aren’t. The Abomination is slightly bigger than Hulk, and it is very easy for him to get the edge in this fight. Your best bet may be to throw something at him to get an opening, then hit him directly. Unlike previous enemies, Abomination can and will break your throw holds and can hit back as hard as you, so this is really the first difficult part of the game- before this you’re up against soldiers and military, which, while they can hurt you, can’t compete with Hulk’s speed and power, meaning once he gets close, they’re finished.
        In any case, the Abomination can overpower Hulk, so you have to outsmart him- ironic given he’s the one who can speak intelligently. Dodge attacks, throw things, exploit openings. If he can be tricked into smashing certain parts of the battlefield, or if you do so, it’ll collapse on him and do massive damage. It can hit you, but what Abomination has in power he lacks in speed, so you at least have a chance of escaping unscathed. After taking a certain amount of damage he’ll throw some things at you, so watch out for that.
        Then he’ll return to his usual moves. He generally will charge in for a high speed punch, or he might visibly charging up an attack, same as Hulk does. When attacked he can dodge, but more likely he’ll block. Even if you get a combo on him, don’t stick around- he’ll break you out of it and hit back. If you’re in the air, there’s a good chance he’ll grab you in a hold and smash you into the ground, hard. When enough damage is done, he’ll freeze up as a transformation seems to take place. Whatever it is, it doesn’t finish because the player is supposed to take this time to grab him and throw him, ending the fight.
        Hulk leaves, and we see that the military managed to secure the area afterwards, and oddly, Blonsky was found on the scene. He claims to have seen everything, and blames the incident on the Hulk. Of course, it is pretty obvious at this point Blonsky is the Abomination. Even if the previous cues didn’t tip you off, the fact that he insists on blaming the Hulk entirely, despite another monster showing up, is a bit odd.
        In any case, he actually doesn’t transform again for quite a while, at the very least, not in sight of the player. I think he did, though, because later some troops recognize the Abomination by name, suggesting he has been running around too. And unlike Bruce he can’t blame it on his alter ego either, since he’d clearly shown that he’s the one calling the shots here, even if he does have a demon lurking in him too.
        The Abomination takes a back seat for the majority of the game from here on, the plot instead being propelled by Blonsky’s machinations, Ross’s ever-improving army of Hulk Busters, and the presence of the Devil Hulk. As I already mentioned, Devil Hulk’s influence leads to Hulk destroying a lot more than intended and Bruce is captured. Hulk escapes, and attacks Blonsky, forcing him to reveal himself as the Abomination.
        They both escape, and we later get a cutscene of Blonsky arguing with his demon. The Abomination points out that yes, they may have lost his current position, but with the power he has, he can gain the world. He is far more intelligent than the Hulk, and Ross can’t even stop him. Blonsky points out he doesn’t want power, he wants his life back.
        We then see him walking out of the cave, eyes glowing. Abomination tells him that he’s lost his dignity, and soon he’ll lose Mission Directive. Unless he destroys them first. Of course, the game’s next mission picks up with just that, Hulk coming in to stop him after Abomination’s gone on a rampage. As he gets in, Bruce arrives just after Blonsky, who is holding what appears to be a green, almost reptilian looking woman in his arms.
        It turns out that Mission Directive was Blonsky’s wife, and unborn child. She had ovarian cancer, but trying to treat her with gamma radiation only worsened her condition, mutating her into what the player sees. He had been hoping to capture the Hulk to study him and hopefully use that information to help her, but it seems that help, if it did come, simply wasn’t enough, leaving her dead in Blonsky’s arms. Bruce sympathizes and tries to talk to Blonsky, but he quickly lashes out, transforming, blaming Bruce for all this since he discovered gamma transformations in the first place. Seeking revenge, he decides to flee the complex, heading… somewhere.
        The next mission involves the Hulk chasing him back out of the base, and suddenly military forces are much more numerous and deadly, but thankfully they aren’t aimed at you this time. Well, not entirely. They’ll be shooting at Hulk and Abomination, mostly the latter. At first he’ll be completely invincible, but at a few points he’ll stop and a life bar will appear, at which point you and the military can hurt him. Though the Abomination fights mostly the same, this time he’s grown to gargantuan proportions, meaning your attacks have even less effect than before, and he can do much more. Luckily, again, you’re not alone here.
        As sadistic as it may sound, the Military for the most part is more useful as health and weapon sources when destroyed than as active allies, given they aim for you and the Abomination, and you simply do more damage to the boss. Regardless of how you do it, stay close to the boss- the military is more likely to go after him if you do, and you’re not going run out of military. Anyway, Abomination stops a few times, then jumps out at the end of the mission, prompting the player to follow. Of course, this is the last chance to get upgrades and save before the final bout.
        Once Hulk does catch up, we see Blonsky’s goal is the city dam. He plans to smash it open and kill everyone in revenge for what happened to him, so it’s up to Hulk(and his unwitting sidekick, the military) to stop him. Abomination isn’t running this time, so it’s just you vs. him. He doesn’t have any new tricks up his sleeve, aside from throwing you at the dam, but he really doesn’t need it, does he? He’s bigger than you, stronger than you, and even with military help, this fight is incredibly difficult.
        The only other help is that Abomination isn’t focused on you; he’s trying to break down the dam. There are four generators you need to protect, but as long as one is left standing until you beat him, it’ll be fine. The upshot is that Abomination will occasionally break off fighting you to smash them, giving you three shots. Downside is, he’s focused on a much weaker object that can’t dodge or punch back, and you have to keep them safe or it’s game over.
        There’s really not much I can say about the battle now other than it is tough, but persistence will reward you. As for the ending, Abomination is beaten too badly to flee or defeat Hulk, and he knows it. But he decides if he can’t win, neither can the Hulk. He smashes the dam as his last act, sending the water crashing down on the city- and the Hulk stops it with an avalanche. However, the Hulk is blamed for the destruction, and Bruce leaves the city.
        As I mentioned in the last article, Blonsky is in a similar situation to Bruce, and he is, in a way, what Bruce would have become had succumbed to the Devil Hulk. The Abomination successfully pulled Blonsky under his sway in the end, and they united in the common goal of murdering everyone in a flood when the last thing Blonsky really cared about, his wife, died. Would the Devil Hulk try to do the same thing and destroy the dam? Maybe. We can’t really say. But it seems to me that these inner demons both show the dark things that Bruce and Blonsky could do if they really stopped caring about doing good, and care only about self-preservation and power, seeking to establish their own supremacy and survival over all else.
        And in a way, that urge to survive, no matter what you have to do to achieve that… isn’t that something everyone has? One doesn’t have to transformed by radiation to commit acts of evil, after all. There’s darkness in every heart, the capacity to commits acts seen as abominable.. But I’ve dallied long enough. Thank you for reading, and may we meet again, my dear readers.

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